BINGO BOYS' 'Oh Yeah': A Punch Of Punk From Indianapolis

Published on 28 December 2023 at 17:22

Words: Max Bradfield


Back on the 11th of December, Indianapolis punk trio Bingo Boys released their brilliant latest single 'Oh Yeah' and it's as exciting and attention grabbing as their hand drawn cover art.


With a sound consistent of 90s punk and grunge influences of yesteryear, Bingo Boys strike an instantly likeable chord with listeners while still establishing their own tone of voice. When the track starts up, a visceral pile of feedback welcomes the ear before a loud cried count in gets proceedings underway "1, 2, 3, 4!"


Once the countdown ends, we're deep in rough and ready territory. A packed itinerary of cascading chords, pulsating bass and raucous rhythm hit the punky sweet spot - as signature attitude flies freely with the declaration of "everyone's just a prick". Fair. Yet there is a thoughtful stance in the carnage:

"The song's about being surrounded by assholes, only to realize you're one of the assholes you've been complaining about."


The band have described this song as "fast, furious, fun" and it's really hard to disagree with them. Although there's a visceral jagged approach, it's been recorded and mastered well by Kameron Lockwood and with the clearly gifted strides the band possess - a likeable sound is unavoidable for anyone who's had their own dalliance with punk energy.


With the band of Gus Matracia on guitar and vocals, Michael Carter on drums, and Noah Mackey on bass, as well as this latest offering - you get a rugged, unrelenting energy. Yet, this is gift-wrapped in a two-minute drive-by of noise. Superb.



The band were born out of the global madness of 2020, like so many bands this site have covered - and now, big plans are in the works to build on their already expanding repertoire. The band recall:

"We opened up for SUBHUMANS in a sold out show in Indianapolis. We also have played in Ft.Wayne, Louisville, Chattanooga,
Atlanta, Cinicinnati, and Chicago."

"We're now planning our vinyl release party that will be happening soon. And we are in the studio currently recording our next album."

The resounding message from this emerging Indianapolis talent?

"Thanks for listening, tell your friends, don't trust a hippie, and no matter what, never take yourself too seriously."


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