Discover Unit 17's Fresh And Melodic Single 'Tongue Tied'

Published on 28 December 2023 at 19:28

Words: Max Bradfield


Bursting out of Nantwich, Cheshire - indie rock five-piece Unit 17 have made instant inroads into what looks like a highly promising musical career. Their latest release from November, 'Tongue Tied' is a charming addition to their summer 2023 debut single 'Ash' and brings the band's crisp new take on indie rock, as well as their innate chemistry, very much to the fore.

Unit 17 formed in high school and have grown into a self-proclaimed 'Nantwich powerhouse' with just three tracks to their arsenal. An instantly likeable sound comes from these boys and their academic connection seemingly goes hand in hand with their instrumental talents.

Charismatic lead singer Jonah Shaw sings in accentuated prose, with back up from led guitarist Tom Greenwood and the more rhythmic Jack Day. George Phipps punches the groove on the four-string bass while Ben Riddle provides driving rhythm. Everything is complimentary with this lot, more so as they breathe a gust of fresh air into a genre that often has the default of being very samey.

'Tongue Tied' is an impressive insight into what we might be able to expect from the quintet as their collection grows and shows a certain meticulous quality to the group's craft. Like the infamous Shrek line, 'Tongue Tied' has layers like an onion. There's this very geographically-centric charm in delivery, then there's the likeable lyricism that excitedly tumbles over itself: "Do you wait by the phone that doesn't ring? / Does it hurt, does it walk, does it talk, but don't sing?" before sprawling into melodic depths with the chorus lines of being "hypnotized" and "Tongue Tied". Those latter phrases have fun Liam Gallagher-esque inflections.



Funny that. The band's unique sound draws inspiration from iconic acts such as Oasis, The Sherlocks, and The Kooks making for an electrifying listening experience. The band recently reached a significant milestone when they graced the stage at The Royal Cheshire Show, supporting bands like Odyssey, Brother Beyond, and Katrina and The Waves. However, it's clear that they've left an exciting tide of applause in their introductory wake, as the happy punters revel in the fresh sounds of Nantwich.

One enthusiastic concertgoer raved, "These lads are amazing; go along and show your support - you will not be disappointed." Another added, "We couldn't stay for the full concert but heard Unit 17... Fantastic end to our day!"

In the band's own words to end, what's the song all about?

"'Tongue Tied' encapsulates a signature style - it's jangly, it's catchy, it's energetic, and it's indie; everything you could wish for in a modern rock anthem."


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