The Avelons Pay Homage To 1960s Cinema In Latest Single ‘Blondie’

Published on 17 January 2024 at 15:47

Words: Heather Collier


Geordie indie-rockers The Avelons have released their latest single ‘Blondie’, their most furious and unapologetic track to date.


Since emerging on to the northern indie rock scene in 2021, the quartet have played a series of unforgettable headline shows at iconic local venues Zerox, Head of Steam and Bobiks, proving to have an unstoppable live presence on the UK gig circuit. 


A musical breath of fresh air, the group have received glowing reviews from various publications, as well as a number of playlist features, with ‘Blondie’ drawing attention and radio play from BBC Introducing North East last year.


Comprised of Jack Oldham, Aaron Morrell, James Thompson, and Dylan Sharp, the four-piece appear to be guided not only by their musical influences, but their cinematic ones too. With an unlikely nod to a classic, Sergio Leone spaghetti Western, ‘Blondie’ tells a deafening tale of friends turned foes, with a feud rooted in greed and angst. 


Set to a barren backdrop in a sweltering desert, the opening lyrics rattle off how torturous the heat is. As the metaphorical rope begins to tighten around the protagonist’s neck, they beg for their enemy to cut them loose from the rift that they both find themselves in. 


The ‘Blondie’ in question leaves much room for interpretation – but can’t help but be compared to that of a blonde femme fatale character, a trope all too familiar in 1960s Westerns.


Driven by a nostalgic love of music and the golden age of cinema, the track boasts a pulsing bass, steel string-esque guitar and raspy, last-gasp vocals fit for a fully-fledged Western-style shoot-out.




The music video also stays true to this vision, introducing each member on screen as if they are the ensemble cast of an old-school Hollywood movie. The closing shot reveals a microphone swinging ominously in midair, much like the infamous noose depicted on the cover art.


Ready to kickstart a thrilling year ahead, The Avelons have confirmed they will be appearing at Coastal Crawl 2024 in North Shields on February 17 alongside the likes of Paul Smith from Maximo Park, Tom A. Smith, and Megan Wyn, with more acts to be announced. 


The band will also be performing their biggest headliner yet, with them set to take the stage on Saturday April 24 at The Cluny in Newcastle, presented by This Feeling.


With original imagery and witty lyricism, the single promises to be the very first chapter in a fierce new era for The Avelons.

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