DUDE SAFARI Emanate Anthemic Greatness With 'High In The Clouds'

Published on 30 January 2024 at 01:27

Words: Max Bradfield


Surrey based grunge-pop connoisseurs Dude Safari released their latest single back on the 12th of January. 'High In The Clouds' really grabs the ears of indieheads as well as grunge addicts alike. Pitching gain, reverb and ruggedness, as well as artistic subtleties to the fore, Dude Safari ask: what's not to like?


The group, fresh from a brief break since their last release in 2023 (the album 'YUSSUS'), truly kick their 2024 into gear with this track. 'High In The Clouds' shines, with lush guitar tones that come dipped in gain and a little melancholy, while lead vocalist Jamie Tipson soars with the rocketing power of the rhythm section. Tipson holds a really likeable tone to his voice, which plays and intertwines nicely with the darker shades of the song to create this sense of euphoria. This aspect particularly builds a real sense of anticipation for the choruses - where that anthemic euphoria comes into play, punched into life by a simply dramatic beat. While being steady and tight, in a sense of creative chemistry - there's this sonic presence and quality that makes you think this band truly come into their own in live sequences.



Where I've perhaps over-indulged in the sound of this tune, frontman Tipson explains the deeper meaning of Dude Safari's latest release:

It’s a sort of dreamlike song, the lyrics relate to fears, phobias and introverted thinking. The un-attachment from the daily grind. The escapism of sleep sometimes feels like the only reset button to turn your brain off and explore. I guess the title of the song itself is a metaphor for dreaming. It sounded better than calling it Counting Sheep anyway."


As said, this is the first new music since last year's debut album 'YUSSUS' which received strong critical praise. Nine tracks from the album's 12 impressively landed on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Amazon Music Editorial playlists. It received worldwide airplay from the likes of BBC Radio 1, Radio X, Germany’s Radio 1 Rock Show & even got the band on rotation in Five Guy’s restaurants around the world. Dude Safari play extensively around the United Kingdom and finished the year on a high with a sold out hometown show. Well, 'High In The Clouds' is certainly starting the new year on a high note. 2024 could be even better than the last...


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