CAMENS Reach Anthemic Highs In Their Latest Driving Number: 'Cynical'

Published on 5 February 2024 at 18:42

Words: Max Bradfield

Camens released their latest track on the 26th of January, and while this writer was a little late to the party - it sat nicely marinating in my inbox to drive home an ecstatic indie flavour straight to my auditory tastebuds. Too much? Well, Camens' 'Cynical' was worth the disorganised delay, as what I unravelled was a rich and listenable sonic tapestry of sound.

The track begins with a lightening rhythm that grasps the ear and heart of any listener straight away. Like I alluded to in the intro, it's a driving pace - especially when the bass comes through as well. It's fresh and includes audibly pleasing guitar surges while a likeable and direct vocal strides confidently to the fore.

While choruses rise to this anthemic height, the cherry on top of the track's indie dexterity is a gifted solo, that sets up the final third excellently. Something that struck me, was the speed and presence of Camens' latest tune - it fits into that category that runs parallel with the drama and adrenaline of sport. I could easily see this playing over the top of a fine compilation of goals or highlights that set up Match Of The Day or something of that ilk.



Clearly, Camens look to strike a visceral feel in their music. Their press describes the band's ethos with great pride:

"A combination of driving rhythms and swirling guitar motifs help to craft an honest, relatable and seriously catchy record."

"Camens aren’t your typical indie band. It’s not engineered, Insta-filtered or Mummy-and-Daddy foundered. It’s real, it counts, and the world is beginning to catch on."

Indeed they are, as the band boasts of a host of high profile advocates - as previously they band from Stoke-on-Trent have seen a major influx of radio and press support from the likes of Amazing Radio, BBC Radio 6, Clout Magazine and It’s All Indie. This track heads up a series of releases that prepares the growing fanbase of their latest album ‘WORK/LIFE/BALANCE’  that arrives later this year.


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