BOSOLA Approach 2024 With Renewed Vigour On Latest Track 'Truth Man'

Published on 23 February 2024 at 05:01


The Newcastle-based alt-rock band Bosola kicked off their 2024 in tremendous fashion by releasing perhaps their finest single to date. 'Truth Man'.


This is the band's first single release after altering their line-up and it really is a statement of intent from them, spearheaded by their ever-present frontman, Tim Cox.


Tim says of 'Truth Man' -  "(it) is a song about living a lie or at least cohabiting one. Written as a reflection on a
younger version of myself, the song takes on biblical and then revolutionary inflections on moral
relativism and relational machiavellianism, before concluding this era, although a useful and
painful learning curve that is perhaps best left in the past..."


Despite the intense theme of the track, 'Truth Man' is a vibrant blast of 'jangle-punk' - there is a definitive and undeniable groove that opens up to a powerful, anthemic chorus. This is Cox clearly in his element as a songwriter and there is an air of defiance and palatable energy on display.



The track was recorded at Polestar Studios in Byker, Newcastle and as previously mentioned, is their first to feature two new  band members - Austin on guitar and Rob on drums. Bosola's influences range from Sonic Youth to The La's which perhaps reflects their knack of forming alternative sounding tracks with an accessible edge - of which 'Truth Man' is a fine example.


Janglepophub summed up the band brilliantly with the following quote: "Bosola pound the musical hinterland between the Replacements' alternative energies and the jangly Americana of Big Thief aesthetic... Bosola have been one of the most consistent 'unsigned's' of recent times."


Bosola are a hardworking, driven band who have consistently released strong songs. 'Me On A Good Day' is a stand out from their splendid back catalogue, of which 'Truth Man' is another feather in their cap. Highly recommended.


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