2079 Look To Add Plaudits In 2024 With Latest Single 'Sky Blue Happiness'

Published on 1 March 2024 at 08:50

Words: Max Bradfield


Sky Blue Happiness’ is the latest single from Nottingham Alt-Rock group, 2079. Emerging back on the 16th of February, the track captures the essence of the band's signature sound, blending raw energy with introspective lyrics. 


From the beginning, the band present this excellent tone with a mellow and reverbed grunge riff. There’s this analogue sort of quality to it and it brings a sense of longing as much as it does equal parts nostalgia. 


The rhythm section kick up an excellent pace before the lead singer comes in. Here, I must say the emotion and clear passion in his delivery is quite something - yet compared to the instrumental, his voice strays from the tight boundaries his band mates have laid down. In one sense, this could be endearing within the genre. In another, he’s a little out of sync. Overall, this is a bold, adventurous and memorable sound.



Regardless, 2079 definitely possess a poignant sonic presence in this track. In parts, the mix gets overpowered by the surging guitar and rhythm, yet there’s still an enjoyable listen to be had as the band bring across this clearly personal story: 


“"I'll forget my fantasised obsessions and use that time to find direction" considers frontman Adam Malpass, as he deals with the struggle of having to give up his dreams to work towards something more stable. But this is swiftly followed with "I watch the clouds go by, Sky Blue Happiness in my mind" proclaiming that he will wait for hard times to pass instead of giving up.”

There is an infectious nature to this track and it’s clear that besides some minor formative tweaking - 2079 have really added to their arsenal of tracks to develop and grow into the alternative scene further. The Nottingham band should use this latest track to go from strength to strength.


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