OLI BARTON Puts Upbeat Spin On Dwelling On The Past With ‘It’s Over Now’

Published on 11 March 2024 at 11:48

Words: Max Bradfield


With his first release since 2023's 'Pipe Dreams' album, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Oli Barton returned on the 26th of February with 'It's Over Now'. It's a romping, upbeat track that provides an appropriate cross section of this up-and-coming South Londoner's skills.


Labelled an addictive indie-pop ear worm, the single jolts into life with a refreshing guitar line and punchy bass. These are welcome injections of upbeat artistry before a picking backing guitar riff strikes reflections of mid-2010s indie-pop staples (at first John Newman's 'Love Me Again' sprang to mind). There is this slight element of nostalgia, and I suppose, that's apt as Barton is recalling his past in this song. 


While perhaps attributing to his influences while he recalls his tough times, Barton still presents a resounding sense of self. Seemingly, it’s a craft that’s taken him a while to polish from humble beginnings. As a teenager, Oli would busk on his local high street, honing an animated performing style, all the while encapsulating his energetic, cheeky personality. 


As Oli describes, “when singing on the street, you certainly find out what people like and especially what they dislike. You’re going to sink pretty fast without a decent tune.”


It’s safe to say that in this sense, Barton’s buoyant sound is keeping him very much afloat with ‘It’s Over  Now’. Lyrics present and explore an analysis of a relationship gone south, yet one that Barton’s character can’t quite let go. He asks ‘is it over now, or should I wait?’ after observing his former other and how they’ve moved on without him. Should he wait to try and rebuild, or find acceptance elsewhere? It’s a personal approach that Barton doesn’t wish to shy away from in his writing and performance.


My lyrics have always been my little observations of people and relationships. I just find people interesting; all their little quirks and likes and dislikes. I love playing dress up and pretending I’m them. Those are my songs really.”



When it comes to performing, it’s clear from the artist, that COVID had an effect on the energy he inserts in his craft. It’s also something clear in this latest energetic release.


For years I’ve been experimenting and messing around with sounds. I’ve loved different songwriting approaches and production techniques designed to create exciting experiences for listeners. Now to put it simply, I want to give the people what they want. I want to give them the sweaty, euphoric experience they get at our gigs and put it on record.”


In the years releasing music independently through his label Coke & Dagger Records, Oli has been featured multiple times on BBC Radio nationwide whilst also getting noticed by large festivals up and down the UK, supporting artists such as Starsailor, Kid Kapichi and Baxter DuryThis journey has culminated in this single which is seemingly a tight consolidation of all of Barton’s strengths as an artist. With a steady foundation of these, and more than enough room to improve, it’s interesting to think what heights this upbeat voice can reach. 


An apt summary from the press pack:


This track has the pungent smell of clubs and pubs found round the backside of any English town but with an added indie-pop twist. This is the sound of the cheeky provocateur, the observant wallflower and the hopeless romantic wallflower all rolled into one. That’s the sound of Oli Barton.”

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