The 1975 - Notes On A Conditional Form

Published on 3 June 2020 at 14:31

Coming in at twenty two tracks spanning over one hour and twenty minutes, The 1975's fourth studio album is a daunting trudge through lead singer and main songwriter Matt Healy's head space. The band are either capturing the Greta Thunberg liberal zeitgeist or offering a bloated, self absorbed student politic level dissertation. Here's the Our Sound review.

The album opens with one of several skipable instrumental fillers, 'The 1975'. The first proper song and single release from the album, People, is exhilarating live; a catchy 2020 punk rock anthem that sounds just as immediate on record. 

The Birthday Party is a grower and Then Because She Goes is the band doing radio friendly rock. Me & You Together Song is another commercial offering that could easily be a cover of a Busted album track.

Tonight I Wish I Was Your Boy features unnecessary high pitched helium sounding vocals that serve to be unbearable to listen to despite the meat of the song not being too offensive. 

Playing On My Mind is a wonderfully sang acoustic ballad that has no hook while album closer Guys is a love letter from Healy to his band mates. 

Unfortunately Notes On A Conditonal Form appears to be experimentation for experimentation sake. A hugely disappointing and bloated album from a band that has an incredible back catalogue and frustratingly so much more to offer.  *1/2


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