MOSES 'Almost Everything Is Bullshit'

Published on 10 June 2020 at 10:09

MOSES are a band who for a couple of years have looked to have been on the cusp of breaking out, with 2018 single release Cause You Got Me appearing on the Tomb Raider movie soundtrack and racking up a staggering over seven million streams on Spotify alone. They have played with The Enemy. Ash and Feeder as well as slots at Reading and Download festivals.

'Almost Everything Is Bullshit' is the London based bands first full album after a string of EP and single releases since 2016.


The opening track is the aforementioned Cause You Got Me and you can immediately tell why the song has achieved some mainstream success. It is a rip roaring call to arms with vocalist Victor M. Moses imploring the listener to "Get up! Get up! Get up!". The ten track album rolls encouragingly along to You Need L, a 2019 single release which lurks in hard rock territory with aggressive guitar licks while River Thames has a sing a long chorus designed for playing in front of a sweaty crowd. Waiter slows down the tempo of the album with melancholy chords and shimmering piano. Findings is the albums stand out track, conjuring emotion and longing with the lyrics 'Hold on..Hold on..Hold on...' striking a chord and a mantra for us all. 


Almost Everything Is Bullshit is a fine album with a couple of great songs; music you will listen to for years to come. The band may be under the radar at the moment but there is little doubt that bigger things are on the horizon. ***


The album is out now to stream and will be released on Vinyl on 20th June 2020. Visit the MOSES website for streaming links and to order the vinyl release.


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