Sammy Brue - Crash Test Kid

Published on 14 June 2020 at 13:44

It was John Power from Cast that first made us aware of Sammy Brue. Earlier this year Power praised the Utah native on social media and since then Sammy Brue has released several singles and now his third studio album Crash Test Kid. He signed his first record deal at aged fourteen and has been described as an "Americana Prodigy" by Rolling Stone Magazine. 

 Already a  voice and songwriting ability beyond his years, his latest album open with Gravity an almost gospel song  by the time it reaches its chorus. Die Before You Live is pure guitar pop while stand out track Teenage Mayhem is rock n roll how it should sound in 2020. A blistering almost three minutes of foot stomping rock. Title track Crash Test Kid could be autobiographical - Sammy Brue spent time in Nashville in his early career before returning to Utah to regroup and heading to England to write more material. 


Crash Test Kid is a collection of songs rarely heard on an album - an altogether new sound that captures the mood and evokes feelings of nostalgia at the same time. A must listen ****


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