Single Reviews 31/07/20

Published on 31 July 2020 at 10:09



“If Rock N Roll is dead then why am I here?”

Kombat take our Single Of The Week crown for the second time after previous release Take It Or Leave It blew our minds back in June. Again & Again is quite simply an astounding song that grabs you by the collar from the opening chord through a brimming attitude full verse and head first into a blistering chorus that if and when the Notts based band play live the whole place will go off. When singer Anish almost screams “mattered to me” heading into the chorus you believe it; a passion and authenticity rarely heard since Liam Gallagher swaggered into the public domain in the mid 90’s. The song has a blistering guitar solo which is very much alive with a tone that scorches across the final third of the track. Kombat don’t need our hype; one listen and you just know. They aren’t the future of rock n roll. They ARE rock n roll.


We have a mammoth amount of single releases to get through this week and Robson give us The Eviction Party, a track off their upcoming EP release. It’s a chilled tune mastered by Paul Hewitt-Dutton (Oasis) that is inoffensive but unfortunately forgettable in equal measure...EEVAH’s The Wire features moody 80’s lead guitar and has the production and polish to match. It’s pop-rock done right..The new one from The Maitlands (When It Rains, It Pours) is Oasis Supersonic (which ripped off Bryan Adams Run To You) before it evolves into an absolute stomper of a tune. On a different week this would have been our Single Of The Week. An absolute monster of a tune..She Took It All Back is from eighteen year old singer songwriter Tizane complete with a wacky video. The song itself is the standard singer songwriter fare as in there is nothing wrong with it per se while not wanting to listen to it again..Tina Boonstra meanwhile is pretty damn incredible on latest release Talk It Over. I can hear Texas in there and the sound of an accomplished songwriter..The Fullers four track EP Hippodrome is jangly and a vocal reminiscent of Paul Heaton (i.e welcoming and memorable). Nightjar is a standout for us..I Wanna Play (Rock & Roll) from Steve Mahoney & The Milkshakes won’t win any prizes for being contemporary but as a guilty pleasure the blue rock track sits on the right side of the fence..MyLittleBrother have released Janey. It’s upbeat straightforward indie rock..The Rills take us fishing with The Angler and low and behold we’ve caught a whopper. A thundering tune..Melancholic Antidote is the new EP from London based Francesca Louise. It is a personal collection of songs beautifully sang. The piano on title track Melancholic Antidote is incredibly moving while Francesca mixes things up on If I’m Wrong, an acoustic guitar lead vehicle to showcase her incredible vocal..The West View sing about parking lots and looking at tiny screens on new release Meet Me Here. Oh it’s sublime. Reminiscent of Chasing Cars in places it has THAT feel. The track builds and builds in a way you don’t expect. A must listen…Biffy Clyro sound all early 00’s American punk rock on new release Weird Leisure..Bastille & Graham Coxon ask us What You Gonna Do??? And well we say it’s very Bastille..BLOXX smash it out of the park with Off My Mind, a riot of a pop song..To close this weeks epic reviews we have Beaches by Black Honey. A clap a long three minutes on the nose treat.


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