Single Reviews 21/08/20

Published on 21 August 2020 at 22:54


One of the better newer bands around, The Rosadocs want to Say Something with their cracking new release. The song opens with a solid wall of sound chord sequence which is frantic electric guitars underpinned with a touch of acoustic. Band singer and guitarist Keelan Graney has one of those Sheffield indie band voices so you know what you’re getting there; honest and familiar storytelling. The chorus gives the song a different feel and introduces more straight forward indie rock albeit a catchy one. Say Something is a triumphant track and The Rosadocs best release to date.


Underground Birmingham band The VCR’s new release is the gritty Wonderland which is an evolution of the bands sound. The song varies from a hard rock riff to softer melodies in a decent release...Tom Swan’s new EP release is titled Ghosts with the self titled first track giving us some incredible guitars and a pounding beat behind an emotional voice. An absolute gem of a song. The second track on the EP All I’m Saying is a much more simpler and softer affair with Tom wearing his heart on his sleeve. Kissed By The Sun has an altogether different sound which displays the songwriters obvious diversity but raises questions about his ultimate direction and niche. Final track Overload is almost an ambient instrumental which further showcases Tom Swan’s tendencies to experiment with his sound. Certainly go out of your way to have a listen to the first two tracks on this one...Burn by Little Triggers has a classic rock sound that while it is nowhere near contemporary for what it is, they do their thing pretty well...St Peter’s Dream and What Molly Wants is a pleasant surprise of a tune. The band clearly have a firm grip of writing an indie anthem and this release signifies that the band are ones to watch...Allison Leah’s latest release is the beautiful We Can Still Sing, a song that features a sample from an actual Spanish balcony lockdown concert. As far as singer songwriting goes in 2020 this is top tier...Gillian Heidi has a more pop approach on new single Desperate which is lifted from her forthcoming album 3AM..The Shed Project who really impressed us with amazing previous release Lucky Number are back with Do It. It’s raw indie rock with a stick in your head guitar riff. Their sound isn’t very polished but that’s part of the charm here. The Shed Project are clearly a band that are going to become very important before too long...South Yorkshire lads Civic Green have a new release with There Is Always A Light. As the song begins it is standard indie rock fare until the vocals kick in and the whole landscape of the song changes. The vocalist has a special talent with his made for rock voice, There Is Always A Light is the sound of a confident band and rightly so. This is a breathtaking song...Window Seat from Cucamaras is a high voltage plodding affair that has shades of The Strokes. They have a pretty solid sound...More singer songwriter music and Jake Whiskin with Breakneck Speed fulfills our male quota this week. It’s acoustic and stripped back with a decent vocal and ends this week single reviews in style.


You can listen to most of the releases above on our Spotify Playlist here.

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