The Gravity Drive - The Wildlight - Album Review

Published on 2 September 2020 at 10:16

The Gravity Drive are a band that have recently received heavy coverage in MOJO and have been championed by the BBC. Their new album, The Wildlight reached our desk a few weeks ago and since then the album has received strong reviews elsewhere. 


Opening track Hits Like A Fix is easy listening like a Bond theme. In fact it could quite easily be a Bond theme. Shooting Star is a more contemporary affair with Elijah taking charge of the vocals. It is classic songwriting without falling into that acoustic singer songwriter territory. Title track The Wildlight is moody and builds on the previous two tracks. Forever has an upbeat tempo and moves the record along; it’s a classic rock love song that is radio friendly. What Is Love? returns to a more haunting vibe while You Are More Than You Think You Are is more soulful. Kaleidoscope is a duet between Ava and Elijah that has an emotive chorus. Inside Out features a relaxing guitar sound while final track Wake Of The Dawn delivers an alt rock anthem; here is the attitude that the rest of the album is missing. A stunning vocal from Ava in the verses, especially as the song reaches the chorus. A direction this reviewer feels the band should explore further.


The Wildlight isn’t a bad album nor is it particularly exciting. It doesn’t fit the genre of music we usually review and to that end it is difficult to get excited about this release. Despite this, both Shooting Star and Wake Of The Dawn are worth seeking out. **


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