Single Reviews 04/09/20

Published on 4 September 2020 at 02:07


Manc lads Shade have an incredible new release in Head In The Clouds, their debut single after signing with Fear Records. It’s big, it has THAT attitude and some shit hot soaring guitars. An absolute monster of a tune. I’ve just listened to it three times in a row. Head In The Clouds is one of those songs. Requires an immediate listen. That’s all there is to say. Stream here.


Half Welsh half German alt rock bank Red Cavalry kick things off this week with the jangly and quite lovely Give Me A Sign. Coming in at just over two minutes long it is a simple yet fulfilling couple of minutes of happiness...Howie Payne has released a video to go alongside new single It Feels Like Summer, a singer songwriter acoustic affair from the former The Stands frontman. It can be heard immediately that Payne has that north west songwriter thing flowing through his veins that they obviously put in the tap water in those parts. Professionally done...Lonely Boy is a sad tale from Daniel Charles Cook, a personal song about autism that is melancholy and atmospheric...Brazilian born Marcelo Deiss knows how to write a riff and this can be heard to full effect on his latest single Gridlock, a contemporary The Stones sounding unique tune...BAXTR are a new all female DIY alt rock trio from London showing great promise with second release Feathers. What sets them apart is that under their DIY ethos they clearly have pop sensibilities. Feathers sounds fresh and is exactly what alternative music  should be in 2020; taking on modern issues in a wave of fun pop rock. A must listen...Got It Good is the debut single from Nada Robot, and they come out with a bang with this stomper of a tune. It’s classic rock with hints of disco wrapped in attitude...Thrillhouse get us grooving with 2045, an electronic infused throwback that takes us back to the 80’s in a 2020 capsule. It’s quite brilliant and goes all over the place at times with a harmonica popping up to keep us on our toes...Hotly tipped newcomer Jimmy Herrity has released his debut single Try To Forget, a heart wrenching atmospheric tale that reminds us of Robbie Williams’ Advertising Space which the non music snobs out there will know is high praise...A band that have to be in the running for the best band name ever, Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue, have put out their Sugar Freak EP which contains previous single releases Holding On and Wasted On You. The EP opens with Your Baby, a pleasant  jazz pop number with a great refrain: “I’m standing at your bus stop, I want to be your baby” - this is so incredibly well put together. Reverence is a more chilled and straightforward acoustic dreamy song that warrants several listens if you fancy a smile on your face. The final track on the five song EP, Facing Myself Again is a song that Zak from the band actually wrote for a performance at University. Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue clearly have mountains of talent and we eagerly await their debut album...Pontefract indie kids Macroscope show promise on new single Reveal, setting themselves apart from other contenders with the use of keys and sax here as displayed towards the end of this wonderful anthem...Black Bear Kiss are our rockers this week with new release Reach Up Higher which was produced by Editors, Wolf Alice and The Blinders producer Gavin Monaghan. It’s an upbeat thumping rocker...The wacky C-Beem gives us an Ed Straker Future and an overly long intro on his new one but you have to give credit to artists like C-Beem who are doing their own thing and to great effect. It’s like Denim and The Auteurs got locked in a studio in 1992 which when you think about it would be something special...LA dude Tyson Kelly asks Am I Ever Gonna See You Again, which has an uncanny semblance in the chorus to a Beyonce song that I can’t remember the name of (the one about a ring on it) This is distinctly below average and I have no clue what is going on...Our send EP this week comes from Aidan Tulloch with the five songs on his Somewhere Without Lights release. This is a collection of brilliance. The twenty year old Tulloch is clearly a special talent that oozes confidence. Goalposts talks about summer days and a misspent summer; Santa Susanna is a more DIY affair. Song For Armageddon is simply immense while the title track Somewhere Without Lights is a peaceful instrumental end to the EP. A promising release and welcome end to this weeks single reviews.


Most of the music reviewed here can be found on the Our Sound Spotify Playlist here. 


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