The New Nostalgia Amaze On New Release 'Millennial Love' (With Video)

Published on 16 November 2020 at 09:56

The New Nostalgia are a four piece band from the north-west who spend a lot of time in Amsterdam. They are Patrick McCallion (vocals, guitar), James Sands (guitar), Sam Bramhall (bass guitar) and Charles Adey (drums). Their latest single Millennial Love was released last week and follows recent singles Fragile Bones and Nothing Is New. All three songs are  taken from their upcoming debut album..


Millennial Love is a rock anthem, powerful and meaningful. Stream here.


Lead singer Patrick: “We discovered Millennial Love very organically, writing the track at a rapid pace backstage after a show in Amsterdam. We recorded it months later at Elevator Studios in Liverpool when lockdown restrictions were briefly relaxed and it was a truly joyous experience. It was the first time I'd seen the boys in months and it was the first truly happy song that we've recorded. I think that that excitement and delight comes across on the record, an explosion of relief to finally be back doing what we love again.”


The band have played a stage headline set at Long Division Festival and been finalists in The NME best unsigned bands contest - it is easy to see how. The New Nostalgia clearly have a knack for writing huge anthems.


Watch the video for Millennial Love below.

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