Joe Wright to release new single 'Way Out' this weekend

Published on 19 November 2020 at 13:13

With plays already on Indie Rocks radio and BBC Introducing, the new single from Joe Wright, 'Way Out' is already garnering a buzz ahead of its release this Saturday, November the 21st.

Following on from acclaimed debut single 'You Know I Know', the talented singer-songwriter has appeared on The Talk Tonight Podcast recently as well as posting a tremedous cover of Oasis's 'Morning Glory' for fans on Youtube.


Joe has been playing the guitar for only just over two years. Influenced by Oasis, The Verve and The Stone Roses, he started writing his own music a year down the line and hasn't looked back. 


Joe Wright:  "I wrote Way Out in one sitting, it was weird because I don’t usually “sit down” to write a track, I’ve never really understood that thought process, any song I’ve ever wrote has just came to me, I just stop what I’m doing in that moment and get it down, so when I sat down and forced myself to try something new it was weird but refreshing, i recorded the track that week at Abatis Studios and there’s not much else to it really, it’s a powerful punchy track that you should go listen to."


With big goals, such as playing a gig at St Andrews, the ground of Joe's beloved Birmingham City, he isn't short on confidence and with music this good neither should he be. 


Way Out is released this Saturday, the 20th of December.

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