Said Sara Release New Single 'I Star As You' With Lyric Video

Published on 8 December 2020 at 09:52

Said Sara is the brainchild of veteran musician Dave Benson. The new single, I Star As You, is out now on all major streaming platforms plus a stunning lyric video has also been created for the song, available to view on Youtube here.


Playing his first show at the age of fourteen at the legendary Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco, Benson also fronted the SST Records signed band Transition in the 1990’s. It is therefore no surprise that I Star As You is an accomplished song.


Speaking about the writing of the song, Benson (Said Sara) says: I sat down and wrote the music on acoustic guitar in about an hour, but then spent 3 months laying down additional instrumentation and tweaking the lyrics. It took me at least a month to mix. I'm a band guy but doing something alone like this really allows the time to add and perfect. I was obsessive about it, honestly.”


The aim for perfection is reflected in the finished song, with a moving piano refrain and a solid acoustic backbone. But what is the message of the song? Benson again: ”It’s about something that I’ve done, something that I believe many of us do, where we replace someone who has died -- or has become estranged -- via self-embodiment. I catch myself mimicking the behavior, or a facial expression, or the walk of someone who was close to me—someone who demonstrated envy-worthy intelligence or confidence, or who seemed to love and to be loved by everyone. The loss hurts so much that you find yourself becoming that person, at least for a moment, to fill that empty space.”


While Said Sara is currently Benson’s solo project, he is fundamentally a band musician, playing drums for Acephalix and Depressor as well. 


I Star As You is out now and can be streamed here.

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View the lyric video to I Star As You below:

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