Radegunds Release Melodic New Single 'How It Is'

Published on 11 December 2020 at 00:13

Not many bands can boast that they have received radio play before even playing a gig but that’s what Radegunds - named after the smallest pub in their native Cambridge - achieved with first release ‘Regular Thing’. 


The new single, out today (11th Dec), is called ‘How It Is’, (stream here) lead guitarist Will: “It's probably our favourite song we've done to date, and probably the most melodic too, whilst still managing to maintain the same drive and energy of our other songs. We've also got some four-part harmonies on certain parts of the chorus which I think is pretty unusual for our genre of music.”


Radegunds are made up of brothers Joe (vocals & guitar) and Will who have been writing together for a while now. They brought in Callum (drums) and Tim (bass) to complete the band and set about recording - nailing four songs in one day, including the new release ‘How It Is’.


Influenced by Interpol and The Arctic Monkeys, fans of both those bands will be impressed with what Radegunds have done here. Tubthumping drums and a driven bass line underpin an upbeat melodic song that can’t help but be charming. Will on the lyrics, (written in a beer garden in Edinburgh):It's mostly anecdotal, drawing inspiration from a number of friend's first relationships that all seemed to inevitably end during the first term of Uni in different cities.”


‘How It Is’ is backed by a B-side if you will, named ‘Cut Me Down To Size’ (stream here) - both songs are available to listen to now on all major streaming platforms.






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