Single Reviews 15/01/21

Published on 15 January 2021 at 10:42

BLAB (Frances Murray) gives us ‘Casual Sex’ a blimmin tune and a half. With echoes of Lush, her accent makes this what it is. ‘Casual Sex’ is sassy, lyrically blinding and has some splendid play on words if you listen carefully. A BBC Introducing ‘Sounds Of 2021’ artist she says: “Casual Sex is an ode to the dilemmas of single life. We’ve all been in a situation where you start seeing someone and there’s an ambiguity around where you stand with them and it all becomes a bit messy. This song is about as honest and blunt as you can get. I love the weight of the line “Casual sex makes me feel depressed”, I feel like it sets the sarcastic and self destructive tone of the song. It’s about knowing that the person you’re seeing doesn’t give a shit about you but still seeing them anyway even though it makes you feel crap. Instrumentally and lyrically I love it, it’s one of my favourite songs I’ve written to date; honest, hard-hitting & hooky.” ‘Casual Sex’ is our Single Of The Week. LISTEN HERE.

Onto this weeks other releases and singer songwriter Sam Lambeth has released his second single ‘The King (You And Me)’ - a track ten years in the making. His impressive debut single ‘When Love Ain’t Enough’ has reached over 50,000 streams on Spotify alone and as with his first release, ‘The King (You And Me)’ is accompanied by a music video - starring Henry the dog. So on to the song itself. It can’t be described as edgy or particularly contemporary but is a pleasant listen nonetheless. Sam’s work ethic can’t be faulted and this new release warrants a listen...’Before’ comes our way via Graywave whose EP is on its way too. The Indie Midlands act delivers a slow build of a song that morphs into something not too shabby by the end..Former Dead 60s frontman Matt McManamon has released his debut single ‘Jumpin’ The Gun’, a bouncy, tuneful release that has THE catchiest riff we’ve heard in a while...Creation 23 signed Sister Psychosis knock it out of the park with their debut single ‘Beside Myself’. If this is the shape of things to come then the duo have a bright future...The Notion are one of the most exciting new bands around and on ‘Crusade’ they keep that flame burning. With shades of The Killers and Courteeners this is a proper indie rock tune…’Some Colours’ by Surf and Penguins takes a while to get going and is mainly an instrumental effort that does little to inspire..The Station are immediate and bold on ‘Start Again’, a tuneful number that is almost stripped back and all the more charming for it…’Orion’s Arrow’ by OrangeG is out now and this lengthy release is a soothing listen...Dunfermline singer songwriter Don Morrison sings about a ‘Partner In Crime’ on his new one. A solid chorus...Mia Stegner released ‘Scribbles’ last week, a single lifted from her upcoming album ‘Scribbled Please On Yellowed Keys’. This is really moving, emotional and has depth lyrically. Clearly a talented songwriter, Mia has us looking forward to the album with this...Future Radio are back with new single ‘Stand Up & Fight’ a slice of riff heavy rock...Good Delusions bring the eccentricity on “Tree Man Boy, Man Child Who Is At One With The Tree Folk, A Tree And Boy Man”, an unnecessary song title if ever there was one. Anyway, the tune is brash, shouty - it’s proper energetic rock n roll…’Easy’ is the third single to be taken from the upcoming second album from Pale Waves. Their smoother and more pop orientated direction is a blessing. ‘Easy’ is their weakest release to date though saying that there is little dislike...Everyone’s favourite US rockers Foo Fighters are uninspiring and their usual bland selves on ‘Waiting On A War’, an acoustic lead song that sounds exactly how you would imagine...and finally Mogwai are blinding on ‘Richie Sacramento’ - a sound that sounds as on point as it did three decades ago. Kings of the lo fi genre, I could listen to this all day and probably will.


Most of the songs above can be streamed on our Spotify Playlist here.


THE NOTION - Crusade is an absolute anthem and it is out now. Click to listen. 


The banging new single from The Underclass is called THE ONE and it's out 5/2/21. Click here to pre-save and be one of the first to hear it.


THE FULLERS return in 2021 with a top drawer tune called 'The Crystal Palace' - click to pre-save.


DAMAGED, the new single from Rosellas is out on the 22nd of January. Click here to pre-save.


'Scribbled Pleas On Yellow Keys' is the upcoming album from the sensational Mia Stegner. Click to pre-save.


Realma presents her atmospheric and cinematic new single 'A HINT OF PINK' out 22nd January. Pre-save here.

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