Rosellas To Release New Single 'Damaged' This Friday

Published on 18 January 2021 at 10:48

Words by: Alyce Ruby




DAMAGED, the new single from Rosellas is out on the 22nd of January. Click here to pre-save.


Rosellas, the indie-rock 5 piece from Manchester are back with a brand new single. ‘Damaged’ and two B-sides are available on all major streaming platforms on the 22nd of January.

Drew Selby, lead guitarist/vocalist says on the use of a B-side with their singles: “For us, including B-sides in our releases enables us to write and think freely as we can use that slot on the release to put out songs that go against the grain.This includes tracks ‘The Edge’ and ‘Inside’, both around 6 minutes long.  


The band formed in the summer of 2019, drawing influences from quite the range of artists with each member having differing inspirations – making each song a varying experience. Drew and Euan Mail (rhythm guitar) share inspirations in The Stone Roses, The La’s, Oasis and The Beatles. Individually, Euan looks to The Smiths and Echo & The Bunnymen and Drew: Arctic Monkeys and DMAs. 


“When it comes together though we get a good sphere of influence that has shaped our song writing and sound into what it is now. I take a fair bit of influence from Pink Floyd musically as opposed to lyrically and we try where possible to get elements of psychedelia into our music, whether that be through the use of FX or melodies/harmony.”


‘Damaged’ is a moody track starting out slow, building up to a strong guitar and drum heavy bridge. The use of keyboards adds a unique element, carrying the song from the first verse. The Northern grit of the vocals is reminiscent of much-loved Manchester bands such as Oasis and I can definitely hear the influences. The single is an instant hit from the very first listen. 


‘The Edge’ and ‘Inside’ are just as strong for me as the single – an impressive feat for a B-side. ‘The Edge’ has an extended guitar solo on the bridge that I could listen to over and over again. ‘Inside’ has a much more experimental instrumental than the other two tracks, a lot more reminiscent of The La’s and The Smiths.


The band are up to play at the online charity festival ‘Music Feeds’ at the end of this month. The gig aims to raise funds for charities: FareShare, Stagehand and Help Musicians.  Streaming online on the 28th and 29th, they’ll be alongside the likes of The Blossoms and Fontaines D.C. Click here for tickets.


They’re definitely ones to keep an eye on. ****

DAMAGED, the new single from Rosellas is out on the 22nd of January. Click here to pre-save.


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