HAWKE THE BAND Begin a Busy 2021 With The Release Of New Single 'Gonna Be Alright'

Published on 25 January 2021 at 10:49

HAWKE THE BAND continue their momentum with their new release ‘Gonna Be Alright’ which is available from this Friday, the 29th of January.


The prolific songwriters aim to release a song a month throughout 2021 and launch this ambitious feat with a bang - ‘Gonna Be Alright’ wears its 90’s influences on its sleeve for good measure.


 Hailing from Dublin, Ireland HAWKE THE BAND have now relocated to London, where they continue to forge their own brand of indie pop, headed by Richard Power & Eoghan Mac Mahon. 


Eoghan: "The song itself was written with a simple acoustic guitar. It sat on the shelf for about a year. When we took it back off the shelf to have a look at it, we realised it needed a forceful outro section - so we came up with a bit of an idea that echoes the middle 8 of the song Beautiful day by U2 and that Lyrically impresses a “film reel” image on your mind - it stems from the idea we had that we used to think about a lot at the time where we felt people were becoming used to the idea of feeling down in the dumps, that feeling depressed was the normal mode of things that couldn't be improved - something we encountered a lot talking to people our age. So In the lyrics we tried to suggest ways of “conquering” that malaise.”


‘Gonna Be Alright’ was recorded at Abbey Road and Metropolis studios in London: “It was a bit of a mad recording experience getting to record the tune in there. At one point I was walking out the studio door in Abbey Rd for a toilet break and walking towards me was a guy I thought was vaguely familiar looking, but my brain couldn’t place him. As he walked by he said “Hey man!” And just as he was behind me I twigged it. It was Nile Rodgers, so not bad for a toilet break.” 


‘Gonna Be Alright’ is perfect for the current times we are living through. Richie of the band: “We went for an uplifting melancholic anthem with this one and I don’t think lyrically it’s been any more relevant than what it is now during this pandemic and with another lockdown being announced we figured it made sense for us to release it now.”


HAWKE THE BAND are hotly tipped by various industry publications and it is easy to see why - going from the upcoming release ‘Gonna Be Alright’, the Irish lads are in for an eventful if not exhausting 2021. CLICK HERE TO PRE-SAVE





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