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Published on 6 February 2021 at 22:01

Chris Pidsley smashes it on ‘Listen To Your Mum’, an instant classic that will stay with us for a long time, Perhaps forever. It will play on your emotions making you smile one moment, on the verge of tears the next. A phenomenal talent, we can’t stress enough how amazing this is. The music video that Chris has created for ‘Listen To Your Mum’ is both creative and clever with Pidsley appearing on three mobile phone screens at the same time, interacting with different versions of himself. If there is any justice in the world of music, this song will be a huge hit and almost certainly would be one in a different era. Single Of The Week? More like Single Of The Year (so far at least). Watch the video here. If you love the song as much as we do, let us know.


Three of the bands whose music we are reviewing today are playing at The Our Sound Indie All Dayer in Hull on September the 26th. Any guesses?


We kick things off this week with a bang. The Underclass have released their new single ‘The One’ which has already drawn plaudits from all around and received a play during halftime at the Stoke City game earlier today. There has been a fair bit of hype surrounding this release and rightfully so; the song is a dreamy, summer’s day kind of tune that has a really big sound. Winner of our Best New Band Voting Tournament last year, it is hard not to be excited about The Underclass. A wholly talented band that has their eyes firmly fixed on the prize. They might just take it..KATZ, the Manchester based surf trio have released their ‘The Last American Virgin EP’, a collection of five songs including the title track, which was a previous single release. Self recorded over a two week period in true DIY fashion, there is a definite 60’s surf rock influence here entwined with a more contemporary indie rock sound. While there is nothing super exceptional here, ‘Lady Bird’ impresses and the EP as a whole is worth a listen...It’s Creation Baby label signed Charlie Clark has released the first single from his new solo album ‘Late Night Drinking’ in ‘Don’t Have A Cow, Man!’. The song is a jangly pop record that has a chilled vibe. The vocal is impressive, Clark is clearly a talented singer, hitting the higher notes to perfection, a voice tinged with American. A splendid release and a joy to listen to…’Desensitized’ by American power pop-rock band The Ones You Forgot is a welcome distraction from the sea of UK Indie Rock that we write about so keenly. Yes it is corporate, radio friendly yank rock you’ve heard a million times before but The Ones You Forgot certainly do it well...Ewan Patrick has an incredibly authentic voice, you know one of those with character and a melancholy charm. His new AA side single consisting of ‘Feels Good To Be Alive’ and Two Hearts is mightily impressive. The former song starts as a tender acoustic affair before launching into a full on anthem, using a dramatic pause after the verse to great effect. The latter song, ‘Two Hearts’, is less immediate although a pleasant listen nonetheless...More American pop-rock this time via Haas and her single ‘Headfirst’. Similar words apply to what we wrote above about The Ones You Forgot however Haas has a great vocal for this kind of thing...Scottish indie rock band Static Satellites have recorded and released ‘The Symphony’ which is one of the first songs the four-piece wrote together after forming in 2018. Singer Ross Whelan’s vocals are rich here - the song has an almost folk feel to it yet keeps its indie rock credentials intact. One of the week's strongest releases and a tune to listen to immediately…’Just A Revolution’ is the first release and title track of the debut album from Regent, a song with a killer riff. I mean seriously, this needs to be heard. Yes, it is similar to Oasis ‘Supersonic’ with extra fuzz but man does it get you psyched...Inky Nite give us shades of ‘Echo Beach’ on their new release ‘The Canyon’, a near perfect vibe heavy pop song...Back to Stoke and duo Bathtub have something very special in ‘Fallin’ THRU’. The track has a post-punk feel and the guitar sound is HUGE and intense. The lyrics are sneering and full of attitude, this is a really strong release...Dave Giles has released his new EP, made up of four songs with ‘Elizabeth I’ a standout. Jaunty and well produced, this is a showcase of Giles’s classic songwriting sensibilities. ‘Little Black Stone’ is another strong song here, already nominated for an award. The songs here are tender and an easy listen. Recommended...Mackem lads The Voyd hit the back of the net on ‘Get Away’, a catchy and tuneful effort that is cutting edge indie-rock. There is a definite buzz surrounding this band and ‘Get Away’ is a prime example of why. Love, love, love it...We have had ‘Tell Me Tina’ by The Juice on rotation all week and for good reason. Their latest release is a vocally fast paced song with a chorus to make a lot of bands envious. A triumph...Abi Rose Kelly is fierce and gritty on ‘Kill The Waitress’, a song that couldn’t be more fresh if it tried. Pounding drums, a rollercoaster of pop and lo-fi rock. A revelation…’Kiss Me Like You Mean It’ by the greatly named Bikini Test Failure is a lyrically clever track that is an easy listen. Mid tempo and self-deprecating lyrically in places, it is a joyful listen...Elephant Memoirs (another great name for a band) have put out a massive rock tune in ‘Fairytales’, one that grabs you straight away with an opening of just vocals and one guitar before the rest of the band kick in…’Fade’ from Birmingham band Violet was a close contender for our Single Of The Week this week. Produced by Catherine Marks (Foals, Wolf Alice), ‘Fade’ has elements of dreamy shoegaze making way for a more attitude heavy, darker chorus...Manchester band Afternoon People tick all the boxes on debut release ‘Sovereign’. There’s an almost contemporary baggy sound here, certainly in the groove there is. Nice open wide guitar in the chorus. Afternoon People are a band to watch very closely...Jessi Mac are a London based trio who have just put out their ‘Border Lines’ EP. Opening track ‘Bedroom Years’ is sublime. Vocalist Jessi McDonald has an incredible voice both in terms of tone and pitch. All the songs here are in a similar vein which isn’t necessarily a negative - if something works well don’t try and fix it and all that. For those times when you want to relax with a glass or red and keep warm from the snow outside, the ‘Border Lines’ EP is perfect...Gracie Souz, the singer in KIN, has put out her first solo single ‘Brian Cox’. The Sheffield lass is a true DIY artist, creating her own artwork and directing her own music videos. As well as great music. After the intro, ‘Brian Cox’ delivers a wonderful sounding chord structure and a tremendous vocal. We could listen to this guitar sound all day. This is almost haunting in its sound, the lyrics something different from any tried and tested formula. Unique. Special...The Jonny Ash Band, who are responsible for one of our most listened to songs last year (‘Eclipse’) have delivered  their two song ‘Isolation Station’ collection. ‘Our City’ is simply phenomenal. A stripped back and acoustic song that is poignant and jaw dropping. Jonny and the bands are shaping up to be one of the scene's hottest prospects and biggest talents...This week has been the best week for releases since Our Sound Music launched in June last year. Proving this, our next song is another great tune. ‘Too Good Too Soon’ by The Divisions is another one we have listened to many times this week. This one has anthem written all over it. Lots of indie rock guitar. A melody that is as strong as you’ll hear…’Without You’ by No Vacancies keeps the streak of absolute bangers alive. This one is more of a sprawling love song lyrically; a guitar that threatens, a proper rock vocal...finally and certainly not least we have Vice Killer and their tuneful debut release ‘Commonplace’. The North East band are surely one of the area's best new bands if this debut release is anything to go by. Using their influences to great effect yet carving their own indie pop/rock sound, Vice Killer are a great way to sign off this week. Guesses as to which three of the bands mentioned above will be playing at the Our Sound Indie All Dayer in Hull on September the 26th to us on Twitter.


You can stream all of the songs mentioned here on the Our Sound Music Spotify Playlist here.


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Listen to NO VACANCIES 'Without You' - a sure fire epic anthem.



Listen to the cracking 'Too Good Too Soon' - the great new single from The Divisions.


THE JUICE are seriously impressive on latest single 'Tell Me Tina' Click to stream.


SLOWRIDE have released their debut single 'I Feel Like You' - an electronic indie pop masterpiece. Click to stream.


'GONNA BE ALRIGHT' is the stirring new single from HAWKE is out now. Click to listen.


The new single from Tom Welsh, 'You Came To Talk' is out NOW.  Click to listen.


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