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Published on 5 March 2021 at 14:35

The A.V Club are our Single Of The Week with their cinematic indie pop tune ‘Mistakes’. Sounding like the soundtrack to a 80’s teen movie that doesn’t exist, ‘Mistakes’ blew us away when we pressed play for the first time. And still does so a dozen listens later. The Warrington Indie-pop band have crafted a sublime masterpiece of a song that is the calibre of peak The 1975. The A.V Club - we love what we hear and love what we see. The perfect indie-pop tune.


No Rome, The 1975 and Charlie XCX have teamed up to record ‘Spinning’, a collaboration we didn’t know we needed. It is what you would imagine; a thumping almost dance track clearly written by Healy such is the melody and chord progression. It’s alright, in the way it’s not awful but won’t be in a rush to listen to again. A missed opportunity...Hartlepool born artist Michael Gallagher (there must be something in the water up there, Gaz Price released a belter of a tune last week too), comes at us with ‘Lula’, a tongue in cheek, melodic almost pop song. This is classic songwriting - a pop/rock song the kind that is rarely made anymore. The chant a long chorus and clever lyrics - that tell a story - make ‘Lula’ one of the stand out releases of not only the week but of the year so far...Irish songwriter Laura Elizabeth Hughes has released her lovely ‘We, Myself, I’ EP, that contains three songs of bittersweet wonder. Lead track and previous single release ‘Days’ builds beautifully but it is the title track here that really shines…’Swallow’ is the third release from Graywave, taken from her upcoming debut EP ‘Planetary Shift’. ‘Swallow’ is Graywave’s strongest release to date, a song to take you away for three minutes and fifteen seconds...Indie-electronic duo La Club Royale have unleashed their debut single ‘Rise Up’, an impressively atmospheric affair that wears its passion on its sleeve when we get to the chorus...Terrified Daisy is a singer songwriter from Aberdeen whose debut release ‘Hearts On Fire’ is nothing short of sensational. It is personal, harrowing, heartbreaking and brilliant. This is music at its most raw and authentic. One man strumming his acoustic and telling stories. We are fans...Leeds band Mega Happy premiered the video to ‘Honey Pie’ at last Friday so we have had plenty of listens to this bittersweet guitar pop tune. With understated lo-fi guitars, ‘Honey Pie’ is a quirky song that uses stop/start dynamics to great effect…’Better Than This’ is the infectious new single from York based Serotones. This is next level melodic indie rock. There is a stripped back element to ‘Better Than This’ - clear, unmuddied guitar and an immediate vocal - which is the focal point of the song, no doubt, helps a certain quality shine through...Forgetting The Future gave us ‘Latch’ earlier this week, a song that has a huge, full sound from the get go. There is a dreamy element to this combined with punchy guitars, a great track...Indie/Alt rock band from Manchester The Perps have released ‘All Puppets No Strings’, the final single release from their upcoming EP. The vocals are unmistakably Manc and as such they add an endearing element to the song which in itself is an anthemic masterpiece that soars and soars. We could listen to ‘All Puppets No Strings’ all day and probably will...GracieSouz has released her second single ‘Before, An Apparition’, following up her debut release ‘Brian Cox’. ‘Before, An Apparition’ is theatrical, ambitious and like nothing else you’ll hear this week. Grace has one of the most astonishing and clear voices on the underground scene and a clear penchant for creating music that refuses to be placed in any mould…’From The Boots’ by Jamie Holmes has a maturity beyond Holmes’ young years. This is music with a message, for peace and love in society and done brilliantly...The Crooks are one of the nation’s most popular indie bands, with previous anthems ‘She Walks Alone’ and ‘In Time’ being works of art. New release ‘Frankie’ doesn’t quite hit the same highs as the aforementioned releases but with that said, very few bands come close to anything as near-perfect. The thick, lead guitar really drives this anthem home - ‘Frankie’ is an epic, confident track that fans of the band will enjoy...Dreamy, indie-poppers Big Daisy, who hail from Belfast and are childhood friends, have put out ‘Bee Mine’, a lo fi treat that certainly is dreamy…’idkwhyidkwhere’ is the uniquely titled latest release from Devon indie-rockers, Region. Launching with screechy guitars, this has an early 80’s rock feel with a contemporary vocal. There is a great song here fighting to get out that’s for sure...Philip Kane delivers on ‘Eight Stone, Tall And Handsome’, the first release from his forthcoming new album. A moody lead guitar and some tinkling of the ivories introduces us to an incredibly powerful and soulful voice. Lyrically quirky, Kane has produced something teasingly splendid...Geordie trio The Pale White are a tour de force on the full version of ‘That Dress’. The demo of which gained the band some great word of mouth recognition. This rocks, hard. An almost glam rock tune, the bass is the driving force here..and finally we end with Staarks, a young DIY indie band from North-West London. Their recent release is ‘Another Lover’, a throwback to the heady days of female fronted Britpop. The innocence and youth here is endearing, the song a near-perfect Sleeper-esque dreamy indie-pop effort. Staarks have a bright future,


All the above songs can be listened to on our Spotify Playlist HERE.


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