Colchester based rock band, PILOT RUN, have released their debut EP.

Published on 7 March 2021 at 21:02

Words: Adam Jackson-Wright




Colchester based rock band, Pilot Run, have released their debut EP. 

The EP, titled ’Faces Are Hard to Find’, has five tracks and was dropped at the end of January. 

It features the trio showcasing a range of soft and heavy pop-rock sounds; the grungy percussion on the opening tracks displays echoes of Nirvana, while the softer guitar parts in the latter stages of the EP are reminiscent of The Smashing Pumpkins.

The record was recorded at Colchester’s Tom Donovan Studios and, according to the band, the EP’s lyrics revolve around both personal and social themes, centring around the issue of recognising who we are.  

The group is made up of frontman Bruce Teatheredge, guitarist Matt Curd, and bassist Craig Thompson, who have been playing together in different bands since they were at school. Their previous projects were forced to end when life commitments got in the way and it was a while before they eventually settled into Pilot Run. 

Speaking to Our Sound, Bruce said: “We spent a long time apart when the bands split. But I'd been quietly writing some songs and decided it was time to start a new project, so in 2018 enlisted Craig on drums and Matt on bass to record Pilot Run's debut tracks

One of the tracks from their first recordings, ‘Ghost Of Me’ was referred to by A&R Factory as “the ultimate anthem of alt-rock angst” and was also played on BBC Introducing. 

The band’s sound gives itself to the stage and but, due to obvious circumstances, the band are yet to perform their tracks live: “We didn't have enough songs for a set before the pandemic…” Bruce says: “and because of the current restrictions we haven't had the opportunity to gig.”

Gigging is something the band can’t wait to do and, with restrictions looking like they’re soon to be on their way out, the future looks bright for the band. 

When the time eventually comes that we’re all allowed back out, Pilot Run will be sure to attract a crowd. 

You can stream ’Faces Are Hard to Find’ now.



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