REGRESSIVE LEFT Drop New Single 'Take The Hit'

Published on 16 March 2021 at 13:31

Words: Adam Jackson-Wright




It’s just about a year since the last live gigs took place and, for many people, the excitement of live music sometimes feels like a distant memory. Nowhere is this feeling more palpable than amongst members of up-and-coming bands, who have seen their ability to reach new audiences decline significantly. 


Regressive Left, who today dropped their second single, are one of the bands who’ve had to mostly rely on studio releases to generate themselves a following.


The Stevenage based trio is made up of frontman, Simon Tyrie, guitarist Will Crosby, and drummer Georgia Hardy; the group debuted late last year with their single, ‘Eternal Returns’, which received praise from the likes of Rough Trade and The Most Radicalsit.


Their brand new second single, ‘Take The Hit’, builds on the critical acclaim generated by their debut and features an infectious and funky electronic rhythm that showcases echoes of ESG, DFA and Sleaford Mods. It’s genre is hard to pin down; it features Art-pop, New Wave and post-punk influences that are all woven into the tracks’ core sound. 


Lyrically, the single shows the band’s key edge; it features lead singer, Simon, examining how the current political systems allow for corrupt politicians to place blame on others and, to my mind, it’s themes of this nature that give the band their identity. 


With only two releases under their belt, the band have already shown themselves to be brimming with potential and have taken steps towards becoming the key new sound and voice on the UK electro-pop scene. 


It won’t come as a surprise that they’re itching to get back out on the gig circuit; they have recently announced their first ever headliner set at Brixton’s The Windmill on October 1st and will announce other gigs soon. Take it from us, this is not a band you want to miss.


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