THE CHASE Release Exciting New Single 'I Just Can't Believe We Share The Same Name'

Published on 26 March 2021 at 08:29

Words: Adam Jackson-Wright




Indie-Britpop quartet, The Chase, have today dropped their new single, ‘I Just Can’t Believe That We Share The Same Name’ . 


The track follows the band’s February release, ‘Black Cloud’ (also featured on Our Sound Music), and showcases a more Britpop inspired sound than the excitable post-punk one present on its predecessor.  


Musically, the track is as inventive as the band’s other material and features dual lead vocals over lively, Ska inspired instrumentation; further proving the band’s willingness to tackle a variety of sounds. 


The lyrics of the track really show the inventiveness of the band: they were inspired by the band’s familial core and, speaking about the track, frontman, Tyler Heaney said: I’d always wanted a song that allowed Dion [the band’s drummer and Tyler’s brother] to display his vocals and thought if the song was about me and him it would be the perfect opportunity to do so. 


I Just Can’t Believe That We Share The Same Nameis the band’s third single of 2021 and has been something Our Sound have been looking forward to since Tyler told us to expect more material back when the band released ‘Black Cloud’. 


Over the years The Chase have been steadily building up their profile; going from local pubs to renowned venues in their home town of Nottingham, as well as appearing at a number of UK festivals and being featured in an advertisement campaign for Scotts Menswear. 


The recent crop of singles will surely go further to spread their sound and we look forward to hearing where the band’s inventiveness goes next. 


You can listen to ‘I Just Can’t Believe That We Share The Same Name’ below.





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