AMBER JAY ‘Never Too Far from a Dark Thought’ EP

Published on 28 March 2021 at 16:11

By Alyce Ruby




Liverpool based singer-songwriter Amber Jay released her debut EP ‘Never Too Far from a Dark Thought’, earlier this month. The bedroom-pop artist fuses electronica and alt-pop to create an original sound unlike anybody else. 


The five-track project comes off the back of two singles - ‘Pencilled Brims’, ‘Stay The Same’ and ‘The House’ released alongside the EP, which features two new tracks. 


Commenting on the new release, Amber said: The EP really just forced itself into the world. I didn't plan to make it but after recording 'Stay The Same' it all made so much sense that this body of work needed to be made. I had a handful of songs full of heart and atmosphere, that I knew I wanted to give out one day but it really felt like the universe took me and put me in all the right places to make them into the form they are today. The EP has such an energy and is packed with my personality and vulnerability which is scary and exciting all at the same time. This collection of tracks has compacted into what I feel is a solid foundation that I want to grow and build upon as I go forward.”


From the opening of the first track ‘Pencilled Brims’, I wasn’t sure what I was in for. The track starts out slowly with delicate guitar and vocals, but builds into an experimental scape of electronic effects. The song can easily be dismissed as chaotic noise on the first listen, but it has definitely been growing on me. 


Stay the Same’ features 80s style, low synths – the same heard in ‘Pencilled Brims’. The track comes across as a lot more cohesive in a production sense. This is probably one of my favourites on the EP, Amber’s lyricism is simple, effortless but very strong. 


The House’ is the most interesting track, the nature soundscape, drums and synths blend together seamlessly. It’s dark, powerful and the lyrics are simple yet it works with the strong instrumental. The experimental, electronic bridge and outro works much better on this track, the beat remains consistent and keeps the song cohesive. 


My Own Way’ is a lot lighter, up-tempo and the most upbeat on the EP. It’s definitely a slow builder, a running theme with the project but kicks in with a 2000s feeling electronica, synth sound on the first chorus. 


Person’, the final track, is vastly different to the rest of the body of work. It’s definitely my personal favourite by far. It’s a beautiful, simple and vulnerable track where Amber’s lyricism shines through most of all. The layered, angelic vocals and delicate acoustic arrangement compliment each other so well. This track is perfect for her voice.


Amber has shown herself to be a rising new talent to keep an eye on. She isn’t afraid to unleash her creativity, be experimental and ‘Never Too Far from a Dark Thought’ is a very promising, strong debut ****


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