Single Reviews 29/03/21

Published on 29 March 2021 at 14:07

North-East trio bigfatbig take our Single Of The Week with their bright and punchy new single ‘Don’t Wanna Be Sad’. The slacker girl band have their fingers on the pulse with this one, with cries of “Me Too!” and a hard hitting chorus. With jangly guitar riffs and lyrics to take notice of, ‘Don't Wanna Be Sad’ is a triumph of a tune.


We are a little late with this week’s single reviews due to three days of excessive alcohol consumption, so apologies for that. We kick things off this week with Our Sound Music favourites The Clause smash it again on new single ‘Time Of Our Lives’, a perfect coming-out-of-lockdown party anthem if ever there was one. This is a perfect indie pop tune that further cements The Clause as perhaps the most exciting band around at the moment...Manchester band SHADE have released the Gavin Monaghan produced ‘Jump Into Heaven’, an euphoric power-indie song that ticks all of our boxes. It doesn’t take long to get to that soaring chorus, which no doubt will be a special moment when played live. SHADE’s previous release ‘Head In The Clouds’ has reached over 75k Spotify streams and there is little doubt that ‘Jump Into Heaven’ will surpass that…’Killing Floor’ comes via Rival Shadows, which is a vehicle for the Lancashire based Liam Kohlar. ‘Killing Floor’ has a killer lead guitar before things come down a little, with Liam building the tension in the song with the melody of his vocals here. All in all, ‘Killing Floor’ surely fulfills the week’s need for alt-rock..Sound Like A Storm are a Yorkshire indie-rock quartet who deliver gritty glam rock on latest release ‘Make It Better’. This vocally lead track morphs into a hell of a huge rock anthem…’Breathe’ is brought to us by Cody Feechan, a vocally talented performer from Fife, Scotland. The song is emotionally delivered in Feechan’s unmistakable Scottish twang, an alternative pop delight from a remarkable talent..Vela Incident, the band named after an unidentified double flash of light detected by an American Vela Hotel satellite on 22 September 1979 near the Prince Edward Islands in the Indian Ocean, are back with ‘Soldier Coming Round’, a song that recalls the sound of very early 90’s indie with its synths and stomping beat. Anthemic in nature, ‘Soldier Coming Round’ is yet another feather in the cap of the South Wales band who only formed in the first lockdown last year...The Utopiates, who this weekend were announced for the upcoming Shiiine On Weekender. have released ‘Alpha’, a song that teases being a full-on dance track before that INXS inspired guitar kicks in. There is a certain confidence here and the retro feel to the track is a positive too. The Utopiates are a new band with several future releases up their sleeves, which if on this level, it won’t be long before they make waves on the scene. For now, ‘Alpha’ is a window into the house of a band that is full of unlimited potential. A close contender for our Single Of The Week...The Sparkle And Fade, a band from the US, have released ‘Not The Enemy’. Alarm bells usually ring when bands are mostly made up of family members though thankfully there is nothing to dislike here. ‘Not The Enemy’ is pure heavy rock with loud and fast guitars complete with a female rock vocal…’I Just Can’t Believe We Have The Same Name’ is the ridiculously long titled single by The Chase, whose last release ‘Black Cloud’ was a big hit here at Our Sound Music. This new one is more greatness from the indie-britpop quartet, a chant a long number with Ska overtones. It’s quirky, fun and full of life with the lyrics full of mischief...UV-TV are a trio from New York City whose album ‘Always Something’ is out at the end of May.  Their new single is ‘Distant Lullaby’, is a raucous blast of refreshing noise that is a just over two minutes long endorphin rush…’You Make It So Easy’ is the astonishing current single by Amos The Kid, a Candaian based performer. The vocals are effortless to the point of disinterest, a perfect slacker song that is tuneful and brave...Geordie alt-rockers Abnorm have followed up last years incredible debut single ‘Citrus’ with ‘Everything Temporary’, a song that is atmospheric and almost brooding upon first listen. Dynamics are used to great effect here with the song giving an overall feel that Abnorm have a bright future if these first two releases are anything to go by..and finally we have ‘In The Morning’, the new release by The Lilly Wave. The 1975 inspiration in the intro here is clear to erm hear which isn’t a bad thing. The song is a pleasant, contemporary love song that is an easy listen.


All of the songs written above can be listened to on our Spotify Playlist here.



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