Guitar band TILLERMAN Impress On Latest Release 'Rainbow'

Published on 7 April 2021 at 19:40

TILLERMAN are a no nonsense rock guitar band who wear their influences on their sleeves. There are shades of The Stones and The Beatles - and a more contemporary almost Britpop feel to their music.


Brothers Jon (Guitar and vocals) and Tom (Drums and vocals) make up the core of the band - having played music together growing up, with Shaun (Lead Guitar) and Iain (bass) completing the line-up. Originally starting out as The Satellites and gigging around the Leeds scene, the band took a hiatus before reforming as Tillerman in 2018. From listening to their previous releases it is clear to see that all four members are musicians musicians.


Rainbow is Tillerman's latest single release, the lead single from their upcoming new EP. It is immediate; a smooth, catchy and melodic track that has echoes of Liverpool's CAST in its sound while maintaining a certain unique sound. The song is upbeat and positive and has a certain melody usually reserved by Liverpudlians whether that be McCartney or Power. 


Speaking about the track, the band say: "The song is a reflection on a relationship that once was full of vibrancy and colour, but which after years of familiarity has become stale, dull and feels as if it’s set in black & white. But even in that moment there is hope and a realization that everything you think you’ve lost, is still there, you just need to remember what you once had and reignite those
emotions once more. A song that brings Hope!"


The accompanying music video to 'Ranbow' which you can view below, is a testament to the band's sound and vision. It is rare that to a new listener, everything about a band falls into place but that is what Tillerman have accomplished. 






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