One Year On and EMMA GALE Is Still Wowing New Listeners With 'Let's See What The Earth Has To Say'

Published on 8 April 2021 at 17:22

Some songs stand the test of time and 'Let's See What The Earth  Has To Say' from Emma Gale is one of those. Released almost a year ago, the song is increasingly popular and just recently made the finals of a national competition.


Written, recorded and released in just oe week at the beginning of the first Covid lockdown last year, a period of time where life was changing rapidly for all of us. Emma Gale captures that moment perfectly on 'Let's See What The Sun Has To Say'.


Emma: "It seems that many of us are struggling to adapt to life at home and it makes you realise that despite feeling like we are in complete control of our lives, we’re actually part of something much bigger. This is the sentiment behind, Let’s See What the Earth Has to Say – it’s about all of us surrendering control and realising we don’t actually need all of the things we once thought we did."


The single has a creative animated music video to accompany (see below) and Emma plans to release her debut album later in 2021.






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