CORAL PALMS To Release New Single 'Open Roads' This Friday

Published on 12 April 2021 at 23:13

Four-piece Indie Rock band Coral Palms return this Friday with their second single 'Open Roads'. The new single is the follow up to their captivating debut release, 'Echoes'.


'Echoes' caught our attention earlier this year with its energy and sense of fun. We played the track on our podcast and it is great to see the band return with another strong release.


The new track, 'Open Roads' is a true collaboration as the band explain: "The Guitar riff is what sparked the track really and then Ollie came through with his lyrics about driving, he must’ve been doing a lot at the time. It was written during the very early days of us being a four piece and we would often come up with new parts whilst jamming during rehearsals and then head straight to the studio to add them into the track before we forgot them!"


The song is about the drive from London to Coral Palm's spritual home Torquay. The bands feel that It conjures up notions of escapism, loneliness and longings for excitement.



Vocalist and guitarist Will: "A lot of the themes in our lyrics revolve around youthful disarray, angst and of course romance, but musically, we really just wanted to make tunes that we know we’d bop to at festivals or at a party. We hope others will do the same!" 


'Open Roads' is very much a guitar song; it is a fast paced and energetic slice of indie pop that more than deserves a spot on your playlist when it is released this Friday.








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