Single Reviews 17/04/21

Published on 17 April 2021 at 18:49

The Sheratons have released their first single in a year with ‘Her Mind’, a blistering indie-rock tune. The new single is more than worth the wait; ‘Her Mind’ is the Leeds based four-piece’s best single to date, a proper melodic yet hard hitting anthem that quite frankly is the best thing we’ve heard all year. The Sheratons are a band to be reckoned with and with a string of live appearances announced for this year, they are ready to take off and justifiably so. ‘Her Mind’ is our Single Of The Week.


Aphra has released ‘Shame’, the first offering from an upcoming EP. Her signature sound remains intact - jangly guitars and syrupy lyrics - which have  a sense of seriousness which belies the jaunty tone of the song…’Death Of The Social’ a new post-punk tune from Cucamaras, is a catchy-riff filled treat. The guitars on this are something else - a ferocious attack on our senses that doesn’t let up for over two minutes…’Last Time’ is the new feelgood release from Crystal Tides, the Portsmouth based alt-pop band. The track is uplifting and well put together if a little by the numbers...Charlotte Bettson’s new single is called ‘Piggyback’, an obvious change in direction for the indie-pop singer. Initially an acoustic artist, the full band sound on ‘Piggyback’ is a change for the better. Bettson’s shimmering vocal style remains intact however, and this catchy effort is well worth seeking out...Hartlepool singer-songwriter Michael Gallagher (who we have an interview with on our next podcast), impressed on his previous release ‘Lula’ and he is back for more with new single ‘Call My Name’. The new single displays his pop sensibilities with an under current of a  certain sadness.  A lament to a relationship gone sour, ‘Call My Name’ is a serious song with a medium tempo that pulls the track up by the scruff of its neck. Another positive outing from Gallagher...Gracie Souz has released her four track debut EP ‘Better In Space’, which contains the two previous single releases ‘Brian Cox’ and ‘Before, An Apparition’. The EP opener ‘Bound’ creates a certain atmosphere that runs throughout the release, a brooding, theatrical number that fails to carry out its threat of being unleashed which only serves to make the listener wanting more. The second track, ‘Before, An Apparition’, is familiar to this listener, an upbeat, more pop orientated song that maintains Souz’s unique production. Recent single ‘Brian Cox’ is epic in scope, complete with an emotive chord structure, this is a song that is begging for an acoustic version. Final track ‘Burial’ is fully theatrical, with Souz’s trademark synth landscape coming to the fore. ‘Better In Space’ is a unique EP in the sense it is very much a journey  into Gracie Souz’s world, which has been a pleasurable visit...Seprona have a knack of creating catchy indie-pop delights and their new single ‘Phone Me Back’ is no different.  A touch of the 1980’s gives way to a killer chorus before the song settles back down then rises again. This is perfect indie-pop with just the right amount of edge to it. A fabulous release...Liverpool’s Honey Motel return with their new single ‘Keep It To Yourself’. This is a wonderfully produced (full, thick sound) track that has hints of electronica but is predominantly a rock song. The chorus is huge in scope , the vocal dynamic strained with emotion. This is the sound of a band putting everything they have in their music and it shows...Popular Coventry band Candid have put out a very special acoustic-lead tune in ‘Through All The Fighting’.  Showing a more tender sound to the band, this sounds simply beautiful from the full sounding guitar to the melodic vocal and everything else in between. A triumph of a song that on any other week would be our Single Of The Week...Podcaster turned performer Anto Holland has released his debut single ‘Lies’, an impressive first outing. Confident lyrics and a smooth acoustic guitar sound make for a decent tune, with Holland also being vocally adept however at over four minutes long and with the same unchanging chord sequence throughout it does make for a repetitive listen come the end…’Get What You Deserve’ is the long awaited new single from reformed 90’s indie band The Kynd. Upon hitting play I can’t help a smile from forming - immediately we are given a sound that is reassuringly 90’s - complete with sweeping guitars and unpretentious emotion this is a fantastic return by The Kynd...and finally and by no means least, former The Dead 60’s frontman Matt McManamon has a new single in ‘Every Time I Close My Eyes’, a track taken from his upcoming album ‘Scally Folk’, which also includes his great previous release ‘Jumpin’ The Gun’. This new single is perfect power-pop, a sound that can only come from the North-West and rapidly approaching, only from McManamon. There is a definite personal element to the story of the song but one that is also relatable, especially to those of us who have experienced an infant who refuses to sleep. We can’t wait for the album.


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