Irish Alt-Rockers UGLY BEAUTIFUL Release New Single 'Sunrise' this Friday

Published on 18 April 2021 at 16:19

Ugly Beautiful are an alt-rock band who infuse elements of grunge rock and traditional indie to create their own exciting sound. Their new single 'Sunrise' is released this Friday, the 23rd of April along with an animated music video. 


The Irish trio are made up of Kieran Lane (vocals and guitar), Michal Falender (drums) and bass player Mick Gallagher with all three sharing songwriting duties in true collaborative style. The band formed some fifteen years ago, and their debut album, 'Paradise', followed a couple of years later. The band went on a hiatus in 2013 until 2019 when a tour of Poland took place and several UK shows in the summer of 2020.


During lockdown, the band have taken the time to re-visit some earlier songs and to take a fresh look at them - the finished results now being heard for the first time. 


Of the new single, 'Sunrise', Lane had this to say: "The song tells the story of two people trying to help each other through this relentless, confusing, distracting world in which we live. It’s a conversation - one person caught in their own thoughts, the other trying to help them get out of it. The chorus is a reminder to live in the moment - to acknowledge what’s happening right now in the present."



The animated music video to 'Sunrise' was created by artist Aaron Wiley. Vocalist Kieran Lane: "We were excited to get Aaron on board to bring a visual element to the music.  Aaron has done an amazing job, taking things to a new level altogether. His story brings a new perspective to the song which is exactly what we were looking for. It's a feast for the senses."


Recorded at the Data Studios in Kerry, Ireland, 'Sunrise' was finished off and mixed by Kieran in his home studio. The song won't disappoint alt-rock fans, it is the sound of a hardworking band who remained resolute over the passing of time. 


'Sunrise' is released this Friday, the 23rd of April.






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