Single Reviews 24/04/21

Published on 24 April 2021 at 01:49

UV-TV make catchy garage punk. The New York trio first flew onto our radar with their fantastic previous release ‘Distant Lullaby’, a song along with their new single ‘Back To Nowhere’ features on the band's forthcoming new album ‘Always Something’’ which is released at the end of May. ‘Back To Nowhere’ is a great single. There’s a certain retro indie appeal to the song, the sound of a band who here have taken the straightforward punk rock textbook and re-written the rules. Rose Vastola’s vocal has an air of coolness, the guitars frenetic but melodic, the drums bringing an element of hand clapping in pattern. ‘Back To Nowhere’ is our Single Of The Week and is required listening.


The Shed Project have released a remix of their single ‘One Shot’, this time featuring Madchester legend MC Tunes. The hardworking band have evolved their sound over the past year and have announced their debut gig, in their hometown of Bolton, taking place in August. Channelling the sound of the Madchester scene, ‘One Shot’ captures the spirit of the era - the drums particularly.T he whole vibe here is perfect. The vocalist from the band, Roy is on our podcast as a guest this coming Monday. A must listen...Bristol-based melancholic pop duo Yard Arms bring us ‘Hollowed Ankles’, which sounds laid back until we hit the rousing chorus. A perfectly fine song that is emotionally stirring and if a song can do that, you can;t ask for much more…’What A Way (Cheetah)’ is the curiously named new single from the Midlands based Paradise Circus. The band has a solid indie-pop sound, the production here is smooth. Acoustic-pop verses give way to a catchy chorus, on a release that is as fresh as it gets...Ask Elliot, an indie quartet from Liverpool, have released their sixth single, ‘Flowers Of White’. It is a sound we’ve heard a million times before but at least the band does it well. The guitar riff is catchy and doesn’t let up, the vocals assured…’Quiet Rage’ is the powerful indie-rock tune from Lissy Taylor, which is the first single from her upcoming new EP. Taylor spent a couple of years in The States honing her craft and on this new release Taylor uses her experiences to great effect, a song that is both alluring and captivating...Our Sound Music favourites Kombat, who now appear to be just Anish Denoon, have released their most mature single to date in ‘The Darklights’. While the band’s previous releases have been straight forward no nonsense rock n roll (and amazing at that), ‘The Darklights’ is a more intelligent release in the sense that everything is much more intricate. There is a strong melody to the music here and Denoon’s vocal is as great as ever, especially when he is expressing emotion. A fabulous release...The Native release ‘In My Mind’ early next week, a song that is the title track from their upcoming EP. The band has it all together that’s for sure. A full sound that is extremely listenable...Glasgow alt-rockers Weekend Debt have put out their first single on Disobedient Records. ‘Nobody Everyone’ is hard, heavy,angry and with a great energy. The fast guitar here is the shining light, bringing a rush of adrenalin to a track that is altogether of the countries most talented singer-songwriters Jay Tennant is back with his new release ‘Spectre’, a full bodied rock n roll tune that has a hint of sleaze; a cocksure swagger. ‘Spectre’ adds to Tennant’s already solid discography with a flourish…’Rebel Song’ is the new one from The Trusted, a band who have been together since secondary school. Lyrically, the song is about finding joy in defiance, underpinned by a sharp bass line. The chorus has a really full sound bordering on anthemic. An all round decent release...New band The Borders have released their debut single ‘You’ve Got It All’, a laid back effort that has a great little bass riff. The band’s sound is almost gentle, on a song that is timeless. A really, really promising debut release.


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