RAGSY Shares His New Single 'Under Clear Skies'

Published on 29 April 2021 at 09:47

By Alyce Ruby




Welsh singer-songwriter Ragsy shared the second single, ‘Under Clear Skies’ from his forthcoming album ‘One More for the Road’ Volume 1 with us on the 16th. The anticipated album, recorded at Northhouse Studios, was co-produced by Ragsy’s friend and producer Chris Peet, along with artwork by his partner Hannah Day.


Ragsy commented on the release of the album and meaning behind the new track, saying: “The album itself has been a long time coming, with a delay in its release in early 2020 due to the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic continue to have on the world, as well as the music industry.“.


This second single ‘Under Clear Skies’ has been described as an upbeat, vibrant, soulful song full of passion and driven by telling a story of the distance that being in a loving relationship can sometimes bring.



Ragsy: "Followed by that yearning and deep routed desire we experience along that journey; we go on in the hope of reuniting with that special person ‘The One’. Whether it be the distance that comes from having to work away, or having to make that difficult choice to look after a family member as we have heard happening so often as we live in these trying times that the COVID-19 global pandemic has brought, or in this instance being 200 miles away and traveling through treacherous weather to get back to the woman I love. Again I feel this is another song I’m sure we can all draw similarities to.” 


It’s definitely a message everyone can relate to, with the separation we’ve all felt over the past year, parted from our loved ones. ‘Under Clear Skies’ is an upbeat, laidback, soft song up until the guitar heavy bridge, where we’re treated to a rock-y sound with layered, powerful vocals. It shows Ragsy can be diverse with his sound, he’s obviously a seasoned musician with the songwriting skills and voice to cover such a range. 


The first single from the album, ‘The First Time’ has been critically acclaimed by radio stations: BBC Radio Wales, Bro Radio and publications: Original Rock, Songwriters Magazine alike, as well as being on the BBC Radio Wales A-List. I can only predict this single will receive the same acclaim, along with the release of his album. ****


‘Under Clear Skies’ is available now on streaming platforms.







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