DEAN DOVEY Amazes With His New Release 'SHOUT!'

Published on 30 April 2021 at 11:12

Birmingham based solo artist Dean Dovey has today released his new single, ‘Shout!’, a positive, stomper of a tune that is upbeat and carefree. Not picking up a guitar until his thirties, Dovey has been songwriting for over ten years now, taking inspiration from Richard Ashcroft, Noel Gallagher and The Doors. 


Dean only wrote his new single, ‘Shout’, at the beginning of March making this a fast turnaround from writing, recording and release which represents a certain determination and strong work ethic. The song, to us, represents the frustration we all sometimes feel about currently being unable to visit friends and family. In a recent interview, he had this to day about the recording of the song: “This time around I bought myself a new recording mic and recorded all my parts at home. I then sent them to Jason Edwards, my producer, to be assembled at his studio. Jason is just an unreal guy – he’s a multi talented musician and is able to play instruments that I’m unable to play well enough such as bass and drums. It’s a really productive fast moving partnership we have when working on a track



With Dean Dovey being a seasoned live performer, playing over one hundred gigs both in previous bands and now solo - we can’t wait to hear ‘Shout!’ in a live setting. For now, we can enjoy the track in its recorded version - and feel suitably impressed.


‘Shout!’ is out now on all major streaming platforms. You can also stream the song below.


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