Single Reviews 02/05/21

Published on 2 May 2021 at 15:01

Rosellas are a band who haven’t rested on their laurels over various lockdown periods, having released their excellent previous single ‘Damaged’ at the start of the year and also supporting Liam Gallagher at the Music Feeds Online Music Festival. 90’s indie band James have taken Rosellas under their wing and become mentors to them. ‘Common Ground’ is Rosellas's new release, a guitar driven indie rock anthem that has echoes of the heyday of 90’s indie music. A perfectly crafted, catchy and shining release. ‘Common Ground’ is our Single Of The Week, a single from a band who are destined to progress throughout 2021.

Noel Gallagher has been hit and miss since producing solo material with his High Flying Birds project with flashes of brilliance and at times what appeared to be self absorbed efforts that can only be thought of as an attempt to alienate Oasis fans. Thankfully the new single ‘Were On Our Way’ is arguably his best release in recent years except for perhaps ‘Dead In The Water’. Moving, rousing, effortless. An instant classic with clever references to old Oasis songs. The chorus will stick with you for decades...North Manchester band Callow Youth bring us their ‘Straight To The End’ EP, which opens with ‘Over Your Head’, a track that has shades of rock n roll era The Beatles, complete with a sublime opening guitar riff. The song sheds fab four pretensions as it progresses before swinging back around again. A great, great song. ‘Be Alright’ is a direct indie rock number while ‘Really There’ is the vocally passionate and melodic sounding penultimate track. The EP closes with the title track and previous single release, ‘Straight To The End’ a more heartfelt number that is hard and anthemic. A fine EP from a solid band…’SHOUT!’ is the positive stomper by Dean Dovey, a song that doesn’t miss a beat as it climbs into anthem territory. The song has an upbeat, feel good chorus with great production...Twenty-three year old Glaswegian singer-songwriter Bethany Ferrie has released ‘Bones’, a track taken from an upcoming EP release. The song starts with some beautiful piano that is joined by Ferrie’s great vocal. ‘Bones’ follows a tried and tested pop-rock formula that proves if it isn’t broke and all that. A fabulous release...Grace Savage first popped on our radar with the fine ‘Rag Doll’ and now the electro pop artist is back with the fierce and brooding ‘Temper Temper’. The track paints the picture of an arguing couple, under pressure from the stresses of lockdown. The sound here is as contemporary as it gets...Liverpool based singer-songwriter Fiona Lennon has released her second single, ‘You Really Got A Hold Of Me’, the follow up to her debut release ‘A Little Longer’ which came out in March. This new one is an acoustic track with a solid chord structure and a precious melody. ‘You Really Got A Hold Of Me’ has a chorus that shines brightly and is a feather in the cap for the twenty-four year old Fiona Lennon. ‘Through The Storm’ shows a more intelligent side to the songwriting of the popular Paul Nixon. Recorded in true DIY style, the basic production fits the song tremendously, bringing together an honest and intense melancholy acoustic release...North Parade return just a few weeks after the release of their incredible last single which made us fans of the band with new release ‘The Longest Party’. Lyrically strong, ‘The Longest Party’ is vocally reminiscent of The 1975 in their early days (a positive). The song tells a story throughout and sounds immense, especially as waves of guitar crash in on the second chorus. The song takes an unexpected turn with the use of harmonica in the last third, a nice variation from a guitar solo. A simple sublime release from a very talented band…’21st Century Gospel’ is the name of the fourth single from Marquis Drive who last year topped the UK vinyl chart. This is unashamedly rock n roll, with a shimmering guitar and a driving bass and drums combination...Popular band Vistas have announced their new album for release in August and are keeping themselves busy until then with several festival slots and new single ‘Stuck In Your Head’, a bright summer anthem. The single gallops along in great style and no doubt will prove popular in a live environment.


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