The new single from BRENNA ERICKSON 'Call You Later' Is Out Now

Published on 11 May 2021 at 06:12

By Alyce Ruby




We all have days when it takes all the energy we have just to send a message to somebody, and the past year has made these days tougher. With messaging, phone calls and video chatting being our only contact with loved ones – bad mental health days distance us from them even more than usual. Brenna Erickson’s new single ‘Call You Later’ explores this issue of staying in touch when we’re struggling to even look after ourselves, so we end up pushing others away. 


The Jacksonville-based artist’s lyrics speak from a first person point of view with feelings everyone can relate to yet the throwback pop-y, energetic soundscape gives the track a misleadingly upbeat vibe on the surface.  Brenna’s soft, delicate layered vocals make for a dreamy effect and soften the message of the track, almost reassuring you through the protagonist’s difficult time. Whilst her voice is soft, she has range and strong, steady runs featured on the bridge and outro. 


Call You Later’ is solo project: recorded, produced and written in her home studio, Elizabeth Studios – as are all of her songs. It makes the music feel raw and personal, it’s written from her own experiences. Her voice is comforting and acts as a gentle guide through the tough messages within her lyrics. 


I just want to write lyrics that are relatable and honest to what I'm going through at a point in time, like a musical time capsule. I think the best songs come from a genuine place, so that is always at the core of who I aspire to be as a songwriter and an artist.


Brenna has the sound of a seasoned musician, with the skills to record, write and produce herself – thanks to her time studying music production, she’s a triple threat. ***1/2


The new single ‘Call You Later’ is available now on major streaming platforms.





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