New Artist CHARADE Releases New Single 'Anything I Want'

Published on 12 May 2021 at 00:35

"I visited South London for a party when I was nineteen and basically never left..."


Charade is the moniker of Connor Chambers - whose impressive new release, 'Anything I Want' is out now.


Written during the height of the pandemic last year, the track was structured at home. With the vocals recorded and instrumentation written, the track was sent to Rees Broomfield of SS2 Studios to work his magic. The end result is  nothing short of impressive.


'Anything I Want' is a collection of genres, with elements of both rap and indie synth. The sound here is huge; the chorus as anthemic as it gets  - the flow of the verses something to behold. Pushing boundaries, Charade has forged something very special on this new release. 


"'Anything I Want' is an attempt to navigate my conflicting emotions over the past year. It depicts the contrast between feeling on top
of the world and uncertainty, strength and fragility. Take the lyrics for instance - one minute I feel like 'king' and the next I 'wake up
and none of it's real.' - Charade


Charade is self admittedly experimenting with his sound, finding his niche if you will, and that experimentation comes to the fore on 'Anything I Want', a release that is hard hitting, intense, yet remains accessible. We have no doubt that exciting times are ahead for the up and coming artist.


Charade is out now on all major streaming platforms and can also be streamed below along with the music video.





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