Single Reviews 16/05/21

Published on 16 May 2021 at 20:09

YNES, the Coventry-based artist who first impressed us with her political and timely excellent previous single ‘Better Job’, has returned with ‘Used To Be’, her first release on the new 

GRRRL GROANNN label. ‘Used To Be’ is the tale of a relationship,and of yearning for years gone by. Full of antidotes that are very specific and authentic, ‘Used To Be’ is relatable. YNES’s endearing attitude shines throughout, and her aggression and frustration towards the closing stages of the track is as believable as it gets. ‘Used To Be’ is our Single Of The Week and can’t be recommended enough.


Bristol’s Kimbo Nice kick things off this week with their mellow new single ‘Glory To The Highest’, a track recorded at the city’s Humm Studios. This is like nothing else you will hear this week, a blend of different genres meshed perfectly to form a unique sound. With a choral flavour and a contemporary jazz sound, ‘Glory To The Highest’ is a curious release…’Emily’ is from the increasingly popular Lossline, a duo who formed last year. This pleasant new release is piano lead, and recalls classic songwriting from yesteryear. With a tinge of melancholy, ‘Emily’ is rousing in places and a fine piece of songwriting...Rock N Roll songwriter Martin Leary returns with ‘Eminence’, following his tremendous release from earlier this year, ‘Watch The Sun Burn Your Eyes’. This one is a more laid back release, which features a quality guitar tone, which is by now a signature of Leary’s output. The acoustic sound here is deep and full, the atmosphere created by the vocal production reminiscent of The Beatles as is the piano. ‘Eminence’ is a wonderful piece of work that shows the diversity in Leary’s songwriting…’Angel’ is brought to us via Stoke’s Jupiter's Beard, who are performing in their home city at the end of the year with Shaun Ryder. The track is a teasingly broody tune with a fine rock vocal which launches into a brilliantly powerful and punchy chorus. A standout release…’Woe Betide The Fool’ is the warning from Shaun O’Reilly, the powerfully voiced London/Irish performer. This is the third single to be lifted from his forthcoming album which promises to be very special if previous releases are to go by. O’Reilly has crafted a folk-like song here that has a traditional Irish sound, made that more authentic by the authoritative vocal…’Reclaim These Streets’ is the charity single from a collective called ‘Loud Women’, with all proceeds going to Women’s Aid. The song has a feel of classic female punk circa the early 1980’s and isn’t without melody. ‘Reclaim These Streets’ really is a remarkable feat, combining sixty-four female vocalists onto one track, with one powerful message, punctuated by the telling lyrics...Canadian solo artist Rob Frank has released a collection of five songs brought together under the title ‘Isolation’. The standout song from this is ‘Some Days’, an immediate hard rock number that is brash and catchy. ‘Some Days’ doesn’t let up for over three and a half minutes and is the tune that rocks the most this week that’s for sure...Noisy South London band Suspects bring us a direct and impassioned song in ‘Mental Health Act’. The chord progression is classically emotive and the band’s sound here is flavoured with 90’s rock; not enough bands make music like this these days. A close contender for our Single Of The Week, Suspects have provided a masterclass with this release…’Village’, the single by Australia’s Merpire rounds off this week’s reviews. The track is from the indie pop singer’s album which is slated for a July release. ‘Village’ is chilled enough until we arrive at the punchy chorus then the song takes off in style - Merpire’s indie credentials shine through and we are treated to an all round well produced and presented song. 


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