KILL MY COQUETTE Rock On New Release 'Coffeebean Song'

Published on 17 May 2021 at 23:40



We all experience times in our lives where we feel confined to a one-way path in our career. While national treasures like Michael Palin have challenged this notion, we are often taught from a young age that we must choose our path and stick to it. But what about those of us who just don’t know what they want to do? What if we want to be an astronaut, heart surgeon and Hollywood director all in one?


That’s where Natalie Denise Sperl comes into it – a successful model turned rock band frontwoman. It only took one Social Distortion Concert to convert her dreams into something she wasn’t chasing before. Along with lead guitarist Adam Smith, and bass player Mike Evans, Kill My Coquette was formed - making vintage rock sounds that can make any pop rock-lover smile. 


Raised on the greats that include the glitz and glamour of Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and Bob Dylan, Sperl became invested in angsty rock and punk. After teaching herself how to play the guitar, she now brings us a full band. Armed with attitude and panache, Kill My Coquette have already recorded their self-titled debut EP, written and arranged by Sperl, produced by Danny McGough, and made at Evelyn Martin Recordings studio.


Their new song follows that revved up sound that we have become so used to. ‘Coffeebean Song’ does exactly what it says on the tin – it gives you endless caffeinated adrenaline – it’s fun, it’s energetic, it’s addictive.



Outside of the music scene, Sperl appears as Greta Garbo in Mank and can be seen alongside Jackie Chan in Around the World in 80 Days, playing the titular character in the cult flick "Succubus Hell Bent," co-starring in hit TV shows like "Two and a Half Men," "How I Met Your Mother," and "CSI Miami," gracing the cover of Esquire, and starring in a Coors Light Superbowl commercial directed by Michael Bay


Her endeavours outside of the music scene still make a significant impact on her band’s music. There’s something unique about Kill My Coquette’s sound because it brings a tinge of humour along with its songs. ‘Coffeebean Song’ follows in the perfect suit, and it almost feels as though there’s a skit in the midst of the upbeat vibes that will make you jump out of your seat at the chorus. 


Quirky, fun, awesome – ‘Coffeebean Song’ is out now on streaming platforms; let it be your first taste of a perpetually adventurous band who clearly sprinkle love all over each of their concoctions.


'Coffeebeen Song' is out now on all major streaming platforms.






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