'Wasted Time' The New Release From GROWR Is Out Today

Published on 21 May 2021 at 15:50

GROWR, the name of Jake Parson's solo project, has today released his new single, 'Wasted Time'. Enjoying full creative control after appearing in various previous bands. GROWR seems to have found his niche with this grunge rock release that is mightily impressive.


'Wasted Time' was written during and inspired by a Foo Fighters documentary, and that band's influence shines through on this release without being too obvious. The energy and and intense rock sound on 'Wasted Time' is something that makes the track stand out from its peers.


Recorded in a full day in a studio in Brighton, along with previous release 'Falling'. Of the releases Growr said: "I've released them a year apart and am unsure whether Growr will grow into anything else. There are a few other songs hanging around so I may have to head into the studio soon."



The cover art is taken from a night out during a year abroad, with the people in them representing the project both thematically and aesthetically. As the singer says: "it’s all about letting loose and not caring what people think." - which is exactly the way 'Wasted Time' sounds to us.


'Wasted Time' is out now on all major streaming platforms.





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