Single Reviews 12/06/21

Published on 12 June 2021 at 22:47

The Institutes return with the epic 'I Just Can't Keep Myself From Loving You', a song that, according to vocalist Reid Zappa Currie, is about "passionate unconditional love for something or someone, without any choice, no matter what they put you through, no matter what they think of you or what they give in return. Love-Hate relationships, addictions anything that might be a burden of love, a commitment of passion and pain". The song opens with the Coventry band's distinctive wall of sound which is fast becoming their trademark; the sound is full, the melody anthemic. With a feeling of summer and of that anything can happen, 'I Just Can't Keep Myself From Loving You', is the soundtrack to our recent hot weather, to our optimism that life is getting back to normal. A great song that is our well deserved Single Of The Week.


One of our favourite discovered-during-the-pandemic new bands are Shambolics, whose new release, 'Dreams, Schemes & Young Teams' is out now. Accompanied by a scene-setting music videothe track was produced by Chris Marshall (Gerry Cinnamon, The Dunts). During lockdown the band kept busy, releasing an array of cover songs on their Youtube channel as well as performing a tremendous livestream gig that took place last December. This new single solidifies Shambolics as one of the UK's most exciting new bands. Not unlike a Gerry Cinnamon tale of Scottish life, 'Dreams, Schemes & Young Teams' is a positive, upbeat and altogether euphoric release. A must listen...'Get Back To Yourself' is the debut single from bedroom-pop newcomers Wynona. The duo have provided a pleasant and rousing guitar driven track that is an easy listen. The guitars are jangly and bright, the vocal soothing and infectious. A great debut release...Louis And The Shakes are anthem creators of the highest order as proven on their new release 'On One'. The band are building a discography of stompers and this glam rock infused triumph is a welcome addition...Two piece indie-pop band Two Skies, who come from Warrington, have put out 'Loser', which follows up their debut single 'Another Way'. 'Loser' is a breezy, synth pop number that is engrossing lyrically; the guitar rhythm in the chorus is something else - a welcome new release that is a must listen...'I Could Be Your World' is the new release by Victors. Now here is a perfect summer tune. Starting in upbeat fashion, the track settles into a slower groove before a heartfelt chorus ties things up in a nice little bow. The Leeds based trio have a wonderfully produced single here...Rising Mancunian indie-rock outfit The Haciendas have released festival anthem 'Those Are The Days'. The song begins with a lead guitar riff before vocalist Tom Smith tells a story of reflection and previous good times, with one eye on the future. The beat never lets up on this direct and unpretentious single...Blue Violet round things up this week with their cover of Edwyn Collins's 1994 hit 'A Girl Like You'. While not steering too far from the original, the version does have a huge difference - it is sung by Sam, the female half of the duo which puts a new, female perspective on the classic 90's track.


All of the above releases can be listened to on our Spotify Playlist here.



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