CASEY CRANE Has Released Her New Dreamy Folk-Rock Single 'I Think We'll Make It'

Published on 6 July 2021 at 10:34

By Kevin Malton, Owner/Editor at


From the moment you press play on this first major release from Casey Crane, it is apparent that 'I Think We'll Make It' is a special track. The dreamy guitar chords set the platform for Crane's frankly incredible vocal.


After finishing acting school in 2019, Casey Crane picked up the guitar and absorbed herself in songwriting and developing her musical abilities. The Philadelphia based singer-songwriter is joined by Morgan Turner of the band 'Double Suede' on bass, and the song was recorded at home with further production by Jake Marion.



About the song. Casey Crane says: ""I Think We'll Make It" is about feeling hopeful for the first time. I have only recently felt like I am going to "make it" aka be okay. I can depend on myself now, and I love myself now. It's an optimistic song that reflects on hopeless beginnings."


A lyrically positive yet reflective song, the storytelling is something to behold, as is Crane's tuneful and melodic vocal. With hopefully more music to come from Casey on 2021, she is a very exciting prospect.


'I Think We'll Make It' is out now on all major streaming platforms and you can also listen to the track now, via the embedded streaming link below. 






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