'Tough Talk' The New Single From MIRABILIA Is Out Now

Published on 7 July 2021 at 15:34



Sometimes we all need a break from hard-hitting rock songs, because let’s be honest, it can get tiring, right? That’s where Mirabilia come into the frame. They’ve released their latest single ‘Tough Talk’, and what it has in store for you is a laid back approach, much better suited for your summer playlists.


The band - who got together during the middle of 2020 - have overtime gathered the necessary members Evan Atherton thought would be able to come together and create music that had heart and energy. Through a tender mixture of vocals, guitar, bass and keys, Mirabilia are not short of summer vibes.


With the latest addition to their collection of songs, you will become absorbed into a peaceful mindset, expanding your senses to a summery warmth. ‘Tough Talk’ is perhaps the perfect whistle blower to your shoegaze awakening, because if you’re anything like us, you may just fall in love with the peaceful side of the musical spectrum.


When the Illinois-based band were asked about the meaning of their newest number, the answer became simple. There really isn’t a meaning. Instead, they would rather their listeners create a meaning that they see fit. In this way, the songs that they produce can evoke a wide range of thoughts and feelings, often leading to a mercurial temperament.



Mirabilia’s main influences stem from Smashing Pumpkins, The Killers, Frightened Rabbit and other bands that span many different genres and sonic landscapes. This, in turn, has led them down a path of many successes already. They insist that they just love to have fun together and that they love to make a racket in a shed, but we must argue that getting a Studio A session in December 2020 that was produced by WNIJ is a pretty big deal.


To top off their arousing new release, the American band wanted to leave everybody with a message, quoted by Robin Williams: “No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”


We think that is a perfect way to end our introduction to this bubbly group of individuals. If you have a minute, you’ll want to tune into ‘Tough Talk.’




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