Electro-Indie specialists REGRESSIVE LEFT Have Released New Single 'Cream Militia'

Published on 15 July 2021 at 13:17

Words: Adam Wright




The last year has seen the likes of Sleaford Mods and Working Men’s Club trouble the top of the UK album charts with their electronic indie sounds, signifying something of a new phase for the genre. 


Regressive Left are one of the bands sailing the new wave of electro-indie music; their last single, ‘Take the Hit’, impressed critics and fans alike and also got approval from Our Sound Music. 


Now they have returned with a brand new single, ‘Cream Militia’. In many ways, it picks up where the last track left off; Our Sound Music said about ‘Take the Hit’ that its genre was hard to pin down and this is again the case with their latest offering. 


There’s the familiar echoes of Art-Funk, New-Wave and Post-Punk on the track and the combination of these elements produces an infectious and hypnotic Dance-Rock rhythm.


As was also the case on all their releases up to date, ‘Cream Militia’ was self-produced and self-recorded by the band, which points to their DIY ethos and commitment to artistic integrity.  


Most notable though, is how the group have kept an undeniable consistency across all three of their releases. The group seems grounded and comfortable in their sound and fans will be eager to see them on their upcoming UK tour, for which the group are equally primed. 


You can listen to ‘Cream Militia’ here.



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