PENELOPE PETTIGREW Releases Tropical Flavoured New Single 'Hollywood'

Published on 16 July 2021 at 13:26

Photo: Lachlan Bradbury



Want to know what jungle juice sounds like? Well, it seems like Penelope Pettigrew has found the answer! With the release of ‘HOLLYWOOD’, which explores the queer community, the Australian singer/songwriter brings the tropics directly to your ears.


Delving deep into the experiences of the LGBTQ community on their road to discovering their true selves, and the fine line between escapism and self-destruction, Pettigrew has victoriously blended a tropical and seductive new track which encapsulates the singer’s experiences of performing in local gay bars and drag clubs.


Penelope Pettigrew is a fierce performer and honest songwriter. Her powerhouse vocals have been adored in the Sydney music scene for delivering the heart and soul of a song, leaving her audience relishing more upon every live appearance.


After already releasing ‘Straight Until’, which was served up to audiences as a candid recount of the liberating experience of discovering her sexuality, encompassing a hazy-pop vibe to it, ‘HOLLYWOOD’ continues to build the foundations of a successful music career.


Photo: Lachlan Bradbury


Released today, her new track serves as another vibrant dedication to the community that Pettigrew has learnt to call her own. Speaking to the common experience of so many in the often-difficult journey of finding a place of love and acceptance both within themselves and society, ‘HOLLYWOOD’ follows Penelope’s signature pop-club sound, perfectly merging the worlds of pop, club, house and dance fantasy. With many already pinning her as Australia’s answer to Lady Gaga, Penelope is unapologetic in her passion for self-expression and celebration of what it means to be human.


'HOLLYWOOD' is out now on all major streaming platforms.


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