HOLLOWS Release New Single 'You're Fine'

Published on 23 July 2021 at 18:11

Picture: Lee Harman

Manchester-based band Hollows have today released 'You're Fine', their second single release of the year. Earlier this year the four-piece released 'Advice' which became their most streamed song. On the strength of the popularity of 'Advice' and the band's incredible sound, Hollows signed a deal with End Of The Trial Records.


Hollows formed five years ago and the band released their debut 'Temporary' EP shortly after. With line-up changes and a challenging pandemic which all but ground the music industry to a halt, the band have made the most of their enforced hiatus by honing their songwriting and recording new material, such as this new release.


Picture: Lee Harman


Of 'You're Fine', the band say: "It's about wanting that little bit more than you have out of life but also understanding that
what you have is okay and you're not doing all that badly. Being proud of your accomplishments however big or small."


This new single is instantly ear-catching with a certain yearning and sadness to the melody. Things move up a gear at the chorus, which is bold and exciting. Hollows have, in our opinion, released their finest single to date, which goes to prove that perhaps every cloud does have a silver lining.


'You're Fine' is out now on all major streaming platforms.







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