LEE FORD’s Second Single ‘Where It Begins'’ Makes The Grade And Must Not Be Missed

Published on 27 July 2021 at 14:22

By Angus SInclair



As the adage goes: first impressions can last a lifetime, something Lee Ford has certainly noted after making a rousing entrance to the indie rock music scene in April with “My Best Friend”, earning plaudits for its strains of gripping vocals and elevating, rhythmic guitar base. 


Liverpudlian Ford followed up on the debut release this month with “Where It Begins”, a similarly vibrant tune that evokes empathetic emotion following the coronavirus pandemic. Ford’s message is clear; remain with a positive outlook on life during the tough times, a theme we can all get behind after a torrid year.


Both songs were recorded at SAE Institute: produced by Jay Gaugler; mastered by John Withnall, part of five Grammy-winning projects; and co-composed by Thomas Niblock; and Ford must be delighted with the reception the two releases have received during the maiden period of his career. 


Taking inspiration from prominent industry figures Sam Fender and Jake Bugg whilst developing his own personal voice and musical flow, Ford incorporates techniques and sounds used by the artists and others similar yet brings a curiously uplifting and distinctive melody that ensures he stands out from the wealth of aspiring indie talents.



In “Where It Begins” Ford utilises an anthemic blend of guitar and percussion, mixing seamlessly with his powerful voice, to create a captivating and relatable tune that leaves the listener with a smile smacked onto their face. Here at Our Sound Music, we – like others - resonate with Ford’s tale of the challenging period that has beset us all since last year; as Ford says himself, “My lyrics are from the heart, they’re honest lyrics that people can get behind!


Amid the pandemic, Ford embarked on an ambitious journey of song writing. We must say, so far so good for the talented lad. Often featured on BBC Music Introducing, both releases have set the foundations for a surging wave of sound that will aid Ford’s rise to the top and leave listeners clawing for more. 


'Where It Begins' is out now on all major streaming platforms.






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